It is the start of #maylawblogpost

So today, being the 1st May, it is the start of #maylawblogpost.  Where I will upload a blog post everyday for the whole of May!

As previously mentioned I do have lots of things I want to tell you so some days you may get two posts… some sort of legal news post and then a career update, as I have been on a fair few exciting courses/meetings etc which I want to share with you (some were last year and I just haven’t been able to upload them with finishing uni!).

I was planning on doing another set of these like the #janlawblogpost in 2014 and decided to to May especially as a few of you asked me to do this again as well.

I am conscious that recently all my posts have been career updates so that will change this month and going forward after that, as I want to get back to having a mix of my updates and news/articles/cases/discussions etc!

There is quite a lot planned for Lawyer In The Making over the next 6 months or so and I can’t wait to share various bits with you!

Tomorrow you will definitely get two posts as this one is just explaining what is happening this month!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Rebecca x


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