YouTube URL | Lawyer In The Making

So excited to say that I finally hit 100 subscribers on YouTube so I now have my own custom url.

I am so pleased you all said you wanted more videos after my Q&A video, and whilst I had always considered filming more I was very anxious in case it wasn’t what you wanted… so thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.

I am planning on filming a lot more content in September again, so make sure you hit that subscribe button!

Rebecca x

p.s. a slight shameless plug but I am going to be sharing a lot more tips on how to engage better with LinkedIn on my 7 day social media online training for lawyers so make sure you sign up to that here.

It is available to purchase all year, but if you book before the launch on 1st September 2017 you receive the training for £30 instead of £70.


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