What do I do? Social Media Management and Training

I regularly get asked about what I do when I help lawyers, law firms and legal services with their social media.  Here is a quick breakdown of what I do, but I also help with LinkedIn profiles, sharing content as well as setting up social media accounts for law firms who do not have them!

Social Media 

Rebecca offers a social media consultancy service to businesses.

This work includes creating and implementing new strategies on your social media platforms, or developing existing ones.  Rebecca will tailor the strategy to your needs, whether you need a strategy drawn up, or need one enhancing.  Rebecca is also able to  help grown your social media following, outreach and engagement.  Whether that is helping you build your Twitter following, expanding your Facebook reach, having an Instagram strategy or developing your LinkedIn profile.  Rebecca can help with all of that and more!  Engagement is key, and Rebecca wants to help you use social media to share your content and bring in more enquiries!

Rebecca regularly writes reports on a companies social media channel (individual channels or all of them) and this is after having spent a considerable time on the channels, analysing what is currently being done.  The reports will provide suggestions on how to dramatically improve your current social media outreach.  As mentioned above, you can opt to just have one review done, or all of your social media channels (even your website!).

Social Media Management

Rebecca does manage a number of law firms and legal professional social media accounts.  This enables them to have a strong online presence which results in higher numbers of people visiting their websites, engaging in discussions and turning into clients.  Rebecca really enjoys this work and loves seeing the improvements made, as well as seeing results come in!

Social Media Training

Rebecca regularly runs training sessions for law firms on the benefits of social media, how to have a good online presence as well as tips for managing your social media accounts .   She has spoken at various events across the country and her sessions are normally in person, but occasionally via Skype or Google Hangouts.  Her work is now going global, and she will be speaking at events all over the world this year, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Washington DC to name a few.   Do send an email in if you would like to arrange a session.

Rebecca x

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