IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017

Annual Bar Conference

It’s time to start thinking about the Annual Bar Conference 2017. As you will have no doubt scene across all my platforms and blogs, last year I attended a lot of the IBA Conferences.  I also attended the IBA Annual Conference in Washington DC in September last year.

What is the Annual Bar Conference?

Every year the IBA (International Bar Association) run lots of conferences on different topics.  Once a year they run their huge annual conference, where 1000s of lawyers from around the world gather to discuss everything law related, and have some fun!

With over 200 sessions, an exhibition and more drinks receptions and parties than you can imagine.  It really is a great event. I found it a struggle working out what sessions I wanted to attend.  Not because there were a lack of interesting ones, but the ones I liked the sound of most were always on at similar times.

If you’d like to check out some of my thoughts on other IBA events I have attended, then read about my trip to The Hague last year.

When and where is the Conference taking place?

This year the Annual Bar Conference is taking place between the 8th and13th October, at the International Conference Centre.

The ICC is in Sydney , and you can check out the Sydney promo video here.  The IBA website page for the conference is also jam packed full of information surrounding the conference itself, but also visiting Sydney.  From hotels, to transport, to famous landmarks.  That’s not forgetting that the IBA and some of the committees do arrange some excursions during the conference.

So are you going to be attending? Let me know!

Rebecca x

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