7th May 2015

(I am sorry this is going up late but I just realised that I forgot to hit the post button in the morning!)

So I couldn’t put up a blog post today without mentioning the General Election.

You are all aware of the current debates and situation surrounding politics at the moment for life in general but also for lawyers and what the future holds for the legal profession, and this blog post isn’t about that.

What I do want to say is that it is crucial people do vote, and so important that people engage with this.

I am of the view that if you are eligible to vote, you should, and that whilst there is never going to be a perfect situation that will come out of this, you have expressed your view, and this then enables you to engage in the way the country is run, complain where necessary, stand up for yourself and your beliefs and make a difference, and that applies whether your chosen party is in power or not.

As I sat writing this post this morning in Costa, I was scanning through twitter and I saw a tweet by Cameron Stocks (@CameronStocks_) which said: “I cannot say enough how important it is that everyone uses their vote today.  It takes minutes to do so go vote!” and this couldn’t be any more true.

So many people believe that their vote does not make a difference, but it really does, and it also shows that you have views and opinions, and it goes without saying that not everyone will be pleased with the result, and there will be various policies for each party that you like/dislike but express an opinion.

Alongside that tweet, Cameron posted this picture which I thought I would share with you:


Your vote does make a difference, plus people all over the world to this day fight to be able to vote, and people in this country fought hard to get us the vote so it frustrates me when people choose not to.  Even if you are undecided or dislike a number of policies, vote for the one that you think will do the best it can etc.

#Emilymatters (@emilymatters) has been a huge driving force on twitter, encouraging people to vote, and in particular encouraging young people.  They also do a lot more than just that though, so please do check out what they are up to.

So can you really not spare 5 mins today to go and vote?

Rebecca x


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