San Diego – old police headquarters and jail

So whilst on a Old Town Trolley Tour bus (which is a hop on/hop off bus type thing) we drove by a shopping/dining complex which they informed us was formerly the old police headquarters and jail, and the icing on the cake was that you could still go in and see them!

So being the little law geek I am I knew I had to make a stop there and check it out (plus I thought you would all like to read about it on here as well!).

It was amazing to see some of the old cells and also the photos which lined the walls (I only took photos on my camera so I will upload them when I am back in the UK) but what totally surprised me was how so many people went on to check out the cells and the photos.

This shopping and dining and complex is so busy and it is quite close to the Seaport Village as well as the harbour and Gaslamp Quarter.

The location of where the old cells are located is near the toilets which is not ideal but one thing I did notice was it meant so many more people noticed the cells and the photos and it attracted a lot more attention.

I loved looking around and seeing all the old history but then also walking around and seeing how it had changed to be what it is today.

I will upload photos for you soon and some more info on the old police headquarters.

Rebecca x


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