Shorter, more flexible, earlier trials – does this sound like a viable idea?

The New Law Journal published a post last week on the 14th May 2015, where they stated that judges have made recommendations whereby they would like to pilot  new procedures which could provide methods of achieving shorter and earlier trials.

During the review process, most of the work undertaken focused on business-related litigation, and the review committee recommended the adoption of a piloted “shorter trial” procedure and a piloted “flexible trial” procedure.

So what would the shorter trial procedure involve – ideally proceedings would be more streamlined, therefore cases would receive a judgement within a year, cases would also be managed by docketed judges and the trial would last no more than four days?

What are your views? Is this practical?

The review committee believe that under a more flexible trial procedure “parties could agree to adapt court procedures to suit their case and opt for a more simplified route to judgement”.

The Consultation Document, The Shorter and Earlier Trial Procedures Initiative ( ) is accepting responses (to the document) and these can be sent to the private secretary and legal adviser to the Chancellor of the High Court by 29 May.

I am going to have a read of the document at some point, but in the mean time would love to know if you think this is viable?

The initial article was read in the New Law Journal (Issue: Vol 165, Issues 7652 – and can be found at )

Rebecca x

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