Feedback from the University of Hertfordshire Law Careers event

As you know I was part of a few people that spoke at a law careers event for prospective students at the end of April.  You can read the blog post here:

Part of the talk was about some of our experience, some tips and tricks and then also any questions that we were asked.

I had some great feedback from the event and thought I would share with you a comment I received from Richard Buchanan (@GENTLEMANGINGE) via twitter

“The hi-lights for me were, the “judges are an in tapped resource” also going to the courts, I’ve been to St. Albans quite a few times.  Another was, to write to smaller solicitor/law firms for some work experience as they would appreciate the help more than the bigger firms”.

One of the things all of the speakers mentioned was how useful it is to get experience in smaller firms, larger firms, different areas of law and even chambers (if you want to be a solicitor).  This is because it also gives you a justification for your reasons behind working in a particular sized firm, or a particular area of law! You won’t just be saying that you prefer it, you can back it up by using your experience to say why, but also why you wouldn’t want to be working in another area of law etc.

We also mentioned that often once you get your first bit of experience it is so much easier to get more, and sometimes it is easier to start small when trying to build up experience.

Let me know if you want me to share any other tips!

Rebecca x

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