UK Blog Awards – Friday 17th April 2015

I am attending the UK Blog Awards 2015 with my mum and will put up info after the event.  I totally don’t expect to win (and didn’t set up my blog to win awards) and I am extremely shocked still to have made it to the finals.

So I am extremely grateful to everyone that shared and retweeted my vote links last November/Decemeber, and to get into the finals of 1 of the categories I was up for was surreal but even more so when I found out that I got through on both.

I will take some photos when I am there and share as much of the evening with you as I can, it is my first Awards type event that I am finalist for, so I expect it will be quite overwhelming and I am extremely nervous, but should be an amazing evening, and I am so pleased that my mum is coming to enjoy it with me (and also keep me calm!).

I will fill you all in sometime next week!



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