Woman unaware that a divorce would terminate her marriage…

This article in the newspaper certainly caught my eye. If you didn’t happen to catch it in the papers yesterday or today then to summarise:-

A woman has tried to sue her solicitors as they have apparently failed to tell her that her divorce would terminate her marriage.  

She is seeking damages for professional negligence as she was under the impression that finalising divorce proceedings would not completely end her marriage.

The appeal, as you would expect was dismissed by Lord Justice Briggs.  The lady in question felt that the solicitors had not taken into consideration her Roman Catholic faith and her belief in the sanctity of marriage – she believes they should have offered her judicial separation (often considered one step down from divorce) as she had apparently wanted to avoid a finalised divorce.

This was also not the first time this had been dismissed – this case had been made against two firms and was revealed in the transcript of a later appeal by the claimant against the dismissal of other aspects of her case.

It appears that this isn’t the only bizarre case on the legal scene at the moment, one woman is divorcing her husband over the way he eats peas! Having been only married for one week, the wife discovered that her husband preferred to eat peas with bread, rather than a fork – and she saw this as a lack of etiquette, and was apparently so traumatised that she could no longer continue living with him.

In Kuwait recently, a woman has divorced her husband over the way he squeezes the toothpaste tube – he chooses to squeeze it in the middle, rather than the end, and she felt that he was being obstinate and has had to file for divorce!

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