Santa Barbara Court House

So as you know I was away last Summer in California and then Las Vegas on holiday, but I also made sure to entertain the legal geek inside me and I visited the Santa Barbara Court House.

One of the most beautiful buildings and very much like the courts here, it is still a working court but you can walk around. There was no security though, but you couldn’t really access any of the rooms without permission.

There is a dungeon/jail in the building, but for a court house not only was the building beautiful but it was in beautiful grounds, and on the main street up from the beach (great location!).

You can check out more information about the Court House here and here (both websites link back to each other at various times), and you can check out my Facebook Photo Album here of the photos I took on my iPhone (I did take some on my new camera as well – but I will upload these onto social media at a later stage).

I did take a lot of photos but I am hoping you will see why, I went and looked around the building once and took photos, and then went back around just enjoying the building and view!  There are daily tours of the building if you require them, and you are also able to go up to the top of the Clock Tower but sadly that wasn’t available when I was there as they were working on the lift I think.

Walking around the Court House is totally free, but it is suggested that you make a donation which does go to the conservation of the Court House.

Courthouse hours are 8:00 – 5:00 (Monday to Friday) and 10:00 – 5:00 (Saturday and Sunday). The Tower is accessible approximately from opening through to around 4:45pm.

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Rebecca x

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