Fashion Law in the UK

For quite a while now I have been thinking about what role fashion law plays in the current English Legal System, if it plays a significant role at all.

So what is Fashion Law?

Fashion law looks at the business and legal side of fashion (not clothes!).  For a better idea on the role Fashion Law plays in the US check out the following links

What is the current position here in the UK?

When you consider the likes of the US, with blogs devoted to Fashion Law, instagram accounts dedicated to fashion lawyers (and even instagram accounts full of the outfits of various lawyers!), as well as specific fashion law courses (for both lawyers and those n the fashion industry), is there going to a rise of this in the UK?

‘Fashion Law’ is very under the radar here in the UK.  We have seen over recent years, a rise in Media and Sports Law, which on the face of it just encompass other areas of law, whether that be employment, contract, commercial – but we have put specific labels on things for those industries!

Will Fashion Law be next?

Do we need a better fashion law market/industry?

The US has a huge fashion law industry, educating those in the profession (both legal and fashion) and creating a bank of resources, training, information and advice for those involved.

Will the UK develop this for our own fashion businesses and companies? Do we need it?

Will there be more fashion law content on lawyer in the making?

I think so, this won’t be all about fashion law, but potentially a place to occasionally explore the legal and business side of fashion.

With the aim of providing insight for lawyers, law students and those in the industry whether that is fashion designers, fashion marketers, industry insiders, fashion students, etc.

A place to discuss some of the legal and commercial issues that can arise when running or working in a fashion business.

So watch this space!

Rebecca x


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