Lawyer2b email – suspects of serious crimes accused – debate!

I am very interested in this as a topic – because whilst I do think people should be “named and shamed” if they have done something wrong – if they haven’t their lives could be ruined forever!

Sometimes in cases of alleged rape and sexual assault the guy (in this example) will have his name thrown around the newspapers, social media etc and then it is later found out that it wasn’t true and he hadn’t committed the crime and the girl had lied for one reason or another! Now whilst this isn’t always the case, when it is, his life is ruined, he won’t have a job etc and people will be wary of him even though he did nothing wrong.

Is that right?

Maybe we should start branding around the names of those that have lied in court (I do appreciate that sometimes people lie in court if they have been coerced or threatened etc).

Let me know your thoughts!

I am going to put up a proper blog post on this topic sometime over the Summer as this is just a way of me getting some points down in readiness.

Rebecca x

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