Virtual Law Work Experience Programme – email

There has been a lot of interest in my Virtual Law Work Experience Programme which I am so excited about.  I sent around an email this week which you can check out here.

Don’t forget that the programme runs all year and there may be offers going up throughout the year with money off codes.

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Plus I will be sharing discount codes for the work experience programme on there too!

As you are aware I have created the Virtual Law Work Experience Programme to cover the whole of the United States (rather than just New York which is where I undertook mine with the company that no longer exists).  I am hoping to expand this programme and potentially branch out to other countries as the year goes on.

Part of the programme enables you to write some content for law firms all over the United States on various legal topics, benefitting them but also giving you exposure to new areas of law, developing your research and writing skills as well as making some great connections.

Don’t forget that you can email me if you have any questions on the programme, the types of work you would be doing, a more in-depth breakdown of the skills you will be gaining or developing or any other questions you have.

I had the best time when I undertook the programme a few years ago, and because I gained so much from doing it, plus I always get asked about it in interviews, so when I realised the company I was telling you to go and look at didn’t exist anymore, I created my own programme.

Where in the world you would like to undertake some work experience from (from the comfort of your own home)?