Update (Sunday 4th October 2015)

So I thought I would give you all a quick update on what is happening at the moment and I am currently sat writing this update in a hotel in Kensington courtesy of Room Auction! I am also being surprisingly productive right now and have set up another series of blog posts ready to go out over the coming weeks.

As you all know I have just started the BPTC part time and with that comes a lot of added extras (not just the studying) and I have a post coming soon about what else I have been up to and will be getting up to over the coming months – so keep an eye out for that.

I have another Qualifying Session tomorrow night at Middle Temple and I realised that some of you didn’t know what qualifying sessions were so I am currently in the process of writing a post explaining all about them for you.

There will be a couple of changes to how my blog posts go out over the coming month or so – my posts will all still automatically go up onto social media as they are posted – but instead of these instantly going to your emails (for all of you that subscribe), you will receive one email a week with all that weeks blog posts on – giving you the option to read whichever ones you most want.  If you don’t want to wait until the weekly email then feel free to head on over and regularly check my website, as they will all posted on here still.

I will also be doing a monthly newsletter – and this will contain some new content in a brief form, and something I am looking forward to in the next month as well as couple of links to my favourite posts that month – more information on this to follow.

I then have two slightly larger projects which I have been working on and these will come into fruition in the next month or two – but for now, sadly, these have to remain a bit of a secret!

Speak soon and have a great week.

Rebecca x

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