5 Must Read Books For Law Students

I have lost track of how many times I have been asked “What are the ‘5 must read books for law students’?”

5 Must Read Books For Law Students

5 Must Read Books For Law Students

I have written blog posts with lists of books I recommend for lawyers and law students, I have mentioned them in videos, on my social media and also on email/face to face.

I am a massive law geek (we all know that!) and I do genuinely have an ever-growing law library at home.

So whilst I already have content on my blog covering ‘must read books’ and I recently did a twitter series containing a few of my favourites, here are 5 I want to share with you today!

I just shared the 5 books on my Facebook page, ‘Lawyer In The Making‘ so head on over there now if you want to see the list quickly! Check out the post containing the links here.

5 Must Read Books For Law Students 

Now don’t get me wrong, there are so so many books I could have listed today! Picking just five is not easy. So expect a few more posts like this.  I might turn it into a little series, a bit like my monthly twitter “who to follow” posts!

The 5 Must Read Books For Law Students  I am sharing today are: 

* Glanville Williams – Learning The Law http://amzn.to/2pOFFnc

* Catherine Barnard – What About Law? Studying Law At University http://amzn.to/2qV5S3E

* Tom Bingham – The Rule of Law http://amzn.to/2quT4Q0

* Nicholas McBride – Letters To A Law Student http://amzn.to/2qw4jYP

* Emily Finch & Stefan Fafinski – Employability Skills For Law Students http://amzn.to/2ruovaS

Next month I will share another 5 Must Read Books For Law Students.  Hopefully I can add my ebook to that list at some point in the very near future.

*Shameless ebook plug time*

If you don’t already know I have an ebook coming out very soon, jam packed full of useful hints and tips! It is called, A brief guide to being a law student.

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Rebecca x

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Bookmas Day 2 : The Rule of Law

It is Day 2 of Bookmas 2016 and I am sharing a book (which despite already having a copy) comes up on my Amazon all the time.

if you haven’t checked out what Bookmas is, click here!

Tom Bingham | The Rule of Law

This book was quoted by the Independent as “A gem of a book … Inspiring and timely. Everyone should read it”.

I completely agree, and you can purchase this book on Amazon here for £6.99 which is such a bargain!


Tom Bingham | The Rule Of Law

Tom Bingham | The Rule Of Law

This book was published back in 2011 but I still think it its a great read.  It really helps you understand about the ‘rule of law’, how things work, why we do certain things and much more.  If you like history and politics this is a must read also.

I know lots of people have ended up losing their afternoon or evening, and just read it in one go.

Add it to your Christmas list, have it as a stocking filler or even just purchase it before (or after) Christmas, you won’t regret it.

Rebecca x

Bookmas 2016

What is Bookmas?

Bookmas is my own take on Blogmas and Vlogmas.



Blogmas is where people blog everyday in December (or until Christmas) and Vlogmas is exactly the same but vlogging.

As I already do #janlawblogpost (where I blog everyday in January) I didn’t want to so the same in December.   I wanted to do something slightly different, hence Bookmas!

What does Bookmas do?

Everyday in the run up to Christmas I am going to be sharing some of my recommend reading books for Law Students.  Some of them are well known, others are ones you might not have heard about before.

Every day I will be uploading a new blog post, and would love your support (whether that is retweets, shares etc.)

Not everyone is going to like every single book (and that is absolutely fine).  I have a mini-law-library that is constantly exapanding here at home, and there are so many I could share, but I have just picked 24!

I really hope you like Bookmas 2016, and if it is a success I will be sharing again next year!

Have a brilliant December!

Rebecca x

*Some of the links to the books, will be affiliate links to Amazon.  That means that you don’t pay the normal price for the book, and I will get a tiny proportion of that cost (you are not charged extra in anyway!).