A Brief Guide To Being A Law Student | 24 Hour Discount

A Brief Guide To Being A Law Student | 24 Hour Discount

A Brief Guide To Being A Law Student | 24 Hour Discount.  In the spirit of Christmas and just because today is the 7th December, I thought I would run a 24 hour discount making the ebook £7.99 instead of £12.99.  There are set instructions on how to purchase the ebook at this reduced discount and you can find those instructions here.

The special offer closes at 11:59pm GMT on Thursday 7th December.  After that you can still purchase the ebook but at the price of £12.99 via the usual methods.

For those of you that haven’t heard about my ebook, here is a quick summary! 

As you will know I have created an ebook for law students.  The reason behind making creating the ebook instead of a paperback/hardback was so that it could be interactive.  I wanted to be able to link out to blog posts, videos,  legal websites, news resources, other law blogs etc.

Now I know that an ebook isn’t for everyone so you can print the ebook if you would prefer, it is over 180 pages though and very colourful.  You do of course then lose the interactive features.

What is in the ebook?

The ebook covers many topics from social media, advocacy, general study tips, work experience, CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, recommended reading and much more.  This ebook can be read from cover to cover or alternatively you can just dip in and out at the sections most useful to you.

As always though, please remember that the lists and top tips aren’t exhaustive, and I and others have plenty more tips/recommendations for you, but it is impossible to share them all.  I also haven’t written absolutely everything I could have on each topic, if I had the book would never have been published and I would have written even more.  Stay tuned for future editions towards the end of 2018/2019 though.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing it!

So if you are considering purchasing my ebook, then why not grab it on the reduced price? Click here to find out how to get the discount!

Rebecca x

P.S. please do share this ebook and the special offer with your friends

P.P.S. as a reminder this ebook isn’t just for students in the UK (studying law in England and Wales) it is for any law student all over the world, there is just the odd reference or section

Things to remember

  1. If you don’t follow the above steps you won’t be eligible to receive the ebook at the discounted price. 
  2. It is my ebook and I have self-published it.  It is impossible to cover everything I would like to cover, especially in the first version.  I could have written so much more! So version 2 (which is being released towards the end of 2018) will cover some of the smaller ebook topics in more depth! 
  3. There is a small chapter targeted to law students in the UK (England and Wales) in terms of career paths and studying the LLB.  The rest of the ebook content is suited to law students all over the world! 
  4. The ebook is completely interactive, clickable links to resources, books, videos, blog posts and more.  
  5. The ebook will be sent as a download and therefore an epub version and should open on your phone/tablet/laptop as a download or in your ‘reader’ app, the epub version means you get to enjoy all the interactive features a little bit easier.  If you are unable to open the ebook, I can send over a PDF version.
  6. You can print the ebook, it is a big file though and you won’t have access to all of the interactive features. 
  7. The usual disclaimers apply to this ebook which can be found at the start of the ebook.
  8. This ebook is not be shared by you in any way.  Legal action can and may be taken against you if it is found that you are sharing the publication. 


Stop Stealing My Content

stealing my content

I am totally shocked that I actually need to write a blog post titled ‘Stop Stealing My Content’, and have put it off for quite some time but it is getting a little bit ridiculous now.

Stealing My Content

Stop Stealing My Content

Whilst I can’t necessarily stop people from stealing my content,  I am now going to be making a bigger deal of it when I find out people have done.  If I see you have directly stolen content from my blog (and I do have alerts etc.) then I will be contacting you and asking you to either reference the article directly (and link to it) or remove it.

What is worse is that some of my followers regularly contact me with links to blog posts, photos, news stories on other blogs or Facebook posts which is my content.

I have absolutely no objection to people sharing my content, so long as they do the decent thing and reference Lawyer In The Making and put a link to the article.  I actually like it when people do that, when they agree, disagree, and share posts.

If you are going to refer to a blog post, paragraph, photo, or comment of mine, then remember to reference Lawyer In The Making. Plus it isn’t that hard to copy a link, especially when I know you know how to copy content, as you have taken some of mine!

What I am really not happy about is when people copy word for word my content and upload it as their own.  That is plagiarism and there also is no need for people to do this.

My blog is my blog, a place for me to write legal news updates, career updates, share legal events I go to, book reviews, useful tips etc.  If you have a blog, you create the content for it yourself.  Or you take ideas or news stories from other people but you share the necessary links.

I don’t go around stealing content from other people; if I see a news story I like, I always link to it in the blog post and say where I took it from.

Are we living in a world where people lack manners and common decency?

I like to think that I am fairly decent, easy going human being, but this is getting ridiculous.  I have seen a blog where a certain student copied my entire About Me page, how is that even relevant to her?  Copy the style of it if you like, but not all of the content, plus last time I checked her name wasn’t Rebecca and she didn’t go to my university.  I know she looks like a fool but it isn’t the point.

I regularly see people who have stolen entire blog posts and some of my most highly read posts too, please share these posts and link to them, or copy a paragraph (and a link) but write your own content.  It isn’t that hard.

Rebecca x

Amazon Prime Day | Today

Today is Amazon Prime Day and I thought I would share the link with you to Amazon Prime in case you wanted to check out any of their amazing deals that they have on offer specifically today.

As you will all know already, Amazon runs discounts all year on their products, which is great for law students who need to purchase books, and it is just great in general for anyone who wants to purchase brand new items with a little bit of a discount.

what is amazon prime?

I was fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime for the last year, which means that I receive free next day delivery and sometimes even free same day delivery, as well as access to all of the Amazon Prime TV and Movies.

Prior to having Amazon Prime I was a frequent Amazon purchaser, and I would regularly buy University books, random law books, DVDs, boxsets, CDs etc.  Delivery is already pretty decent with normal Amazon Delivery and you can obviously choose to pay for Next Day or Special Delivery with individual items anyways for anything urgent.  However, the overall cost of Amazon Prime for the year, isn’t overly expensive and I now regularly grab bits on their for my sisters and family, so the cost is well worth spending.

As previously mentioned this isn’t a sponsored post, and I have not been asked to share any of this with you.  I just thought I would promote a product that I really enjoy using, and has been a benefit to me over the last year.

I do love buying books from bookstores, and wherever possible try to do so, but sometimes that isn’t practical, and sadly there is a shortage of law bookshops in the UK, and carrying bags full of books home isn’t always a great idea.

amazon prime day deal

Click on any of the links above to be taken to the Amazon website where you can check out some of the amazing deals they have on today, as well as access the 30 day free trial.  You can choose to have the 30 day free trial at any time of the year, so maybe check it out when you plan to order your university textbooks!

Rebecca x


Sourced Box : Referral Code

So if you have checked out my Snapchat or Instagram recently you will know that I purchased a SourcedBox.  I do love healthy food and also chocolate etc.  I thought by purchasing a SourcedBox I would be able to find some other healthy snacks to try.   Get the referral link to receive 15% off your first order below.

I had read some great reviews on SourcedBox so thought I would give it a go, you can either purchase a one-off month, or have a subscription.  You can cancel the subscription at any time, so long as you do it before the next shipment date as per the website terms.

This isn’t a sponsored post, just to make that clear.  I thought I would just share the referral code with you, incase you wanted to check them out.  They would make a great addition to your month, with new snacks.  Great for students, lawyers, legal professionals, academics etc.

SourcedBox July 2016

SourcedBox July 2016

Check out the healthy snacks in #SourcedBox & get 15% off of your first box via my referral link!

I really enjoyed the products that arrived, especially as I was worried I wouldn’t try half of it, but I seemed to have a lucky hit with the July box.  There was only one thing that I won’t be trying and that was the Beetroot and Horseradish crisp things.

Make sure you check out SourcedBox if it is the sort of thing you would like to try.

Rather than explain and list all of the prices and subscriptions I thought I would share a graphic from their website.

SourcedBox Prices and Subscriptions

SourcedBox Prices and Subscriptions

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Rebecca x

Amazon Prime Day – 12th July 2016

I am super excited for Amazon Prime Day.  As many of you may know I do love Amazon whether I am buying university books, DVDs (yes I do love watching a box set the traditional way) or anything my sisters or family need.

I have been fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime for the last year and it is great having next day delivery – for any of you that do use Amazon you will know that normal delivery is really good anyways.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

This isn’t a sponsored and I have not been asked to say anything about Amazon, but they do have some great deals on brand new products, even law textbooks and crime TV dramas (I always buy everything brand new) and there is a never a problem.

If you have been watching TV over the last few weeks you will know that Amazon Prime Day is taking place next week, on the 12th July 2016, there are going to be some amazing deals and discounts and it is worth checking out.

Plus Amazon Prime does let you have a 30 day free trial, just remember to cancel before the time frame runs out.

Check out any of the links above to access Amazon Prime and if you do want the 30 day free trial do check it out, it might be handy for ordering university textbooks etc.  Especially if you happen to want to make a head start on any reading you need to do or just want to be super organised (subject to your University issuing you reading lists already!).

The 30 day trial is year round, so you could always start in September if you prefer.

Rumour has it that their Amazon Prime Day is going to be amazing, with some great discounts and I will definitely be checking them out.  Do make sure you check it out on the 12th July.

Rebecca x