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Rebecca x


Alternative Legal Awards 2016

alternative legal awards 2016

Today’s #janlawblogpost is taking you to an article John Hyde has written for The Law Society Gazette, containing Alternative Legal Awards.

Day 4 - Alternative Legal Awards

Day 4 – Alternative Legal Awards

I really enjoy reading posts from The Law Society Gazette.  I was fortunate at university and various places of work to pick up a hard copy.  Now I just check it out online or hard copy when they hand them out at events.

So if you saw any legal news or were on twitter much last year, you will know that there were quite a few legal award ceremonies.  John Hyde has created his own “alternative” legal awards, and it made me giggle so I just had to share it.  You can read the article here.

Check out who won:

  • The ‘Boss, Can I Have a Word?’ Award
  • The Donald Trump Award for Excellence in Social Media
  • The ‘Value of Your Investment May Go Down’ Award
  • The ‘Say What You Really Think’ Award

Plus there are some other “alternative” awards on the list as well.

The Law Society Gazette

As mentioned above, and in numerous blog posts and twitter tips it is important to stay up to date on legal news.

If you don’t already I would highly recommend you check out The Law Society Gazette website, and also their twitter feed. The website is free to access and news stories go up every day.

Rebecca x


It is January so #janlawblogpost is back!

For the last two years I have run janlawblogpost (also known as #janlawblogpost).

janlawblogpost - #janlawblogpost is back for 2017!

#janlawblogpost is back for 2017!

So what is #janlawblogpost?

Quite simply #janlawblogpost is where everyday in January I will upload a blog post. I usually post a few times a week, but this is every day!

The type of content I will be sharing includes, legal news stories, weird cases, book reviews and much more.

I try and vary the content I upload each day, but it is always legal related.

I will be automatically uploading posts and then resharing them with the hashtag #janlawblogpost.

Previous (Janlawblogpost) links

I ran #janlawblogpost back in 2014 and 2016 and you can check out a few of the posts here.

Would you sue your mum over a birthday card?

Kissing in public can land you a fine and other strange laws….

Mooting.. a key skill and rite of passage for law students?

Strange Laws.. Japan and over-the-counter medicine

List of Strange Laws in January 2016

Panorama: Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed

So do keep an eye out on the #janlawblogpost hashtag on twitter over the coming month.

Rebecca x



Lawyer In The Making | 12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of christmas

Earlier this month I attempted to be slightly creative and write my own 12 Days Of Christmas.  I have seen a few other people upload far more generalised law ones but this one is slightly more tailored to me, Lawyer In The Making and my 2016.

12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of (lawyer in the making) Christmas

12 Legal Conferences

11 Law Schools Visited Abroad

10 YouTube Videos

9 Courts Visited Around The World

8 Weekends Studying The BPTC

7 Abroad Business Trips

6 Years Of Blogging

5 Mini-Pupillages/Work Experience Placements Undertaken

4 BPTC Exams

3 Business Card Re-orders

2 Sets Of Flyers Created (Blog and Ebook)

1 Year Of Running Lawyer In The Making Full Time

I hope you enjoyed a very brief overview of my year!

Rebecca x

Lawyer In The Making is heading to Hong Kong

If you follow me on twitter or have liked my Facebook Page, then you will have just seen that I have announced that I have rebooked my trip to Hong Kong!

I was meant to go earlier in the year, but was unable to do so, so I am very excited to have managed to squeeze in a quick trip for work before 2016 is out.

Why Hong kong?

I have been approached by a few people to pop out and chat about work, plus as you know I am such a law geek, so I plan to visit some Universities and courts, and also attend some legal events (as well as sight see, and admire the beautiful Hong Kong Skyline *photo was taken from google*)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I can’t share too much about the work I may or may not be doing right now but what I can tell you is that I will be visiting the Hong Kong Bar Association and the Hong Kong Law Society whilst I am there.  There will be diary entry posts when I am in Hong Kong and of course I will be tweeting and sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram too.  So if you aren’t following me on these platforms now is the time to do so.

I will also be visiting a couple of courts (yes I am that much of a law geek), and will definitely be sitting in on 2 sessions at the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, and I am fortunate that there is a criminal and civil procedure matter happening whilst I am over there.  I am also looking forward to visiting the High Court and the Competition Tribunal.

I am really excited to be heading to Hong Kong and to be going for work stills feels extremely surreal.  This year has felt like I have taken Lawyer In The Making and my digital marketing consultancy business on tour!

Thank you for your continued support of my blog, encouraging law students and prospective students on pursuing a legal career, and supporting lawyers with their digital marketing would never have happened if it wasn’t for your support!

Have you been to Hong Kong? Do you work or study there? Maybe you have some sight seeing recommendations? Let me know!

Rebecca x