#strangeronthebridge Part 2

I just wanted to say that I cannot believe how much of a response I have had to my #strangeronthebridge post, and how it has been retweeted and shared online.

It was just a little post to raise some awareness and also encourage as many of you as possible to watch the programme, but also to sometimes do a ‘random act of kindness’ even if it is just a little thing, as it can make a huge difference.

For those of you that study and work in law, you will probably know how much of a health and wellness push there is in offices now (and I assume this just isn’t for those in law, but across all careers) due to the high number of people suffering from stress, depression, suicidal thoughts and various other mental health problems, and it is really important that we remember that these people are human and not to treat them in a negative way.  Very often people feel that by leaving these people to themselves it is the best thing possible, but by engaging with them in conversation or offering to do things with them (even if they say no) shows that you care.

I remember a few months ago reading something which really highlights how we need to be more aware of mental health problems but also how we treat people with them, and it was about a guy who pretty much tested the theory that there is still a huge stigma with those that suffer from mental health problems.    In one work environment he claimed to have broken his leg and when he returned to work everyone rallied round, made him tea, spoke to him, helped him at lunch etc. but he then went somewhere else and in this new place everyone had been informed that he was suffering from some form of mental illness but no one spoke to him, everyone ignored him, and acted as if he didn’t even exist.

I am so pleased that mental health awareness is increasing but I also think that people that aren’t suffering from them need more information about how to assist and work alongside those suffering from them, in a positive way, so that they aren’t ignoring people for fear of saying the wrong thing for example.

Someone once said that just by engaging in conversation with someone you can make their day, and whilst they may not accept your offer for a cup of tea, or for lunch etc. they will know you care.

I hope this provides some more food for thought.

Rebecca x

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