Listen to me on the radio now!

You may remember that on Monday I was in Star Radio again and we were recording an episode of The Business Hub, all about women in business and women’s networking and business groups.

We didn’t have to edit any of the recording or redo any of it (luckily) but if you want to have a listen please do click this link and you can listen to it as it airs for the first time.  It is on from 9-10am and I would love it if you checked it out.   If the link above does not work you can always head on over to the website and click the LISTEN button.

The podcast will be going up later today so don’t worry if you can’t listen in now.

I also share some of my networking tips, how to make the most of group sessions, and other useful hints and tips for those attending events.

What are your thoughts on women in business/networking groups? Does it segregate them further? Are you a member of a women’s only group? Let me know your thoughts.

Rebecca x

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