Lawyer In The Making | Virtual Law Work Experience Programme

As you all know I absolutely loved the Virtual New York Law Work Experience I undertook quite a few years ago.  So many of you regularly ask me about it, but sadly the company that ran it does not exist anymore, so I decided to create a programme for you.  This programme is not limited to New York it covers the whole of the US and I really hope you enjoy it.

I am looking to potentially expand this further over the coming months and years to offer other countries as well.

So if you are a law student anywhere in the world, and have a high level of written english then get involved.

Check out the Information Pack by clicking on this link Virtual Law Work Experience – Info Pack

There is a fee with this programme, it covers the Skype calls and training I will give us as well as the overall facilitation of the programme.  There was a fee when I undertook the programme, but I have made it around £200 cheaper.

If you would like to ask me any more questions then send me an email with the heading: Virtual Law Work Experience Programme.

Lots of you seem keen already and I really hope you enjoy the programme and take away a lot from it.  You will learn and develop skills, and connect with some amazing US firms.  There are already a lot of firms on board so if you do want to sign up then we can get you started as soon as you are ready.

If the fee is potentially a problem, I will take instalments in some circumstances.

I look forward to helping you with this programme, working alongside you as well as helping you create some great content in different areas of law and in a different jurisdiction.

I hope you will find it lots of fun!

Rebecca x