Quick Link – 2TG Moot 2019

For those of you that hadn’t seen the link, or any information, here is a very quick link to the 2TG Moot! http://www.2tg.co.uk/the-times-2tg-moot/

In short, any student can apply, LLB, LLM, BPTC, GDL, LPC etc. And you can apply with someone from a different university as well. You just have to be registered on a course when you apply, it doesn’t matter if you graduate this summer!

Good luck if you do apply! Let me know on social media if you do.

This website is currently under a couple of updates so check back soon for the updated version where you can view more recent content.

Rebecca x

Happy Christmas | 2018

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.  Whether you celebrate or not, I hope it is relaxing and you get to spend plenty of time with your loved ones, family and friends.

As always, thank you so much for your support this year.  I will do a full round up post for New Year but I just wanted to say a quick thank you.

Thank you for your support online, sharing blog post links, retweets, and much more.  Thank you for coming and saying hello at events, for emailing and tweeting me questions and for engaging and sharing my content.

I feel lucky to have developed some brilliant friendships over the last few years online through my blog and I really value your support and love.

Thank you for putting up with me being a total legal geek as well as lover of all this crime/prison related – books, documentaries, dramas and podcasts… as well as my endless photos of Costa Coffee hot chocolate.

Wishing you the most amazing Christmas!


Rebecca x

The Children Act | Film | August 2018

So I am back from America… and guess what? The Children Act has a UK release date. 24th August 2018… for those that haven’t seen it.

Check out my old post all about The Children Act and the trailer.

I am so excited, the film looks like something the legal geek in me will love… and Emma Thompson is usually in pretty good movies.

I have not been to the cinema in forever, but as soon as I saw the trailer, I sent a message to my mum when I was away saying we had to go.

However it seems it is only on in limited cinemas which is annoying and during the day (not ideal if you work).. Let me know if are going to see it though.

Rebecca x

p.s. I am guessing it will appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime at some point.. or maybe even sky movies!

A Level Results Day 2018

Let me first start by saying a huge congratulations to all of you receiving your results today.  You have done so well, and now starts a wondeful (hopefully) 3 or 4 years.  You will have a lot to learn, a lot to spend time on, a lot of decisions to make about options and future career choices.  You will also spend time doing extra-curricular activities whether law related or otherwise.  Making friends, going out, playing sports etc. Enjoy it.

However, I appreciate that some of you might not be so happy with the results you achieved, and some of you might be in the position where you didn’t get your first choice or any of your choices.

Please remember that this truly isn’t the end of the world. It is one stumbling block.  It does not mean that you won’t ever get to study law.  It also does not mean that you won’t go on to become a solicitor or barrister.  It does not mean that you won’t go on to be an academic or any other career.

It is one set of exams, 2 years of your life.  That isn’t the end of the world.  You also still have options, clearing, taking a year out, resitting your exams.

If you do go through clearing, then pick a university that is right for you… not just one that offers the course you want.  Now I know that for some of you, you just want to get to uni and study law and live the university life, but you want to make sure you are happy somewhere.

I also appreciate that ringing up to try and find something on Clearing, doesn’t always give you the best idea as to what something is like… so quickly do some research.  Look at their website and also social media!

So whatever you have deciced to do, remember you can turn it around.  If you are taking a year out, maybe look at some legal work experience or volunteering.  Or, go and build up some life experiences.  Being a great lawyer isn’t just about being an excellent lawyer, it is about what makes you, you.  Your hobbies, your life experiences, your part time jobs etc.

And finally, if you are about to head off to University, enjoy it!

If you have any questions about what to do, where to study, or what to expect at law school – then drop me a message.  Contact me on here, via my contact page or on any of my social media channels.  Don’t forget I have a facebook group just for law students, so come over and join that!

Rebecca x

p.s. if you fancy some pre-law school reading then check out my ebook here, or if you would like to purchase it, then click here to pay via paypal, and you will be sent the ebook within 24 hours.

5 places you can find me online

I am a lover of all things social media and engaging with the legal profession.  That doesn’t necessarily just me sharing content, that means me engaging with legal news, polls, blog posts, discussions, events and much more.

When I say legal profession, I don’t just mean lawyers and law firms.  I mean academics, law students, law schools, legal news outlets, legal companies etc.

So here is a quick round up of 5 places you can find me online.  Obviously you can find me here, on the blog, so that counts as one!


I love Twitter as a platform. It is great for checking out legal news, other people’s blog posts, legal discussions, finding out about legal events. Following legal events online, academics, lawyers, law firms, law schools and fellow law students.  There are also law associations, legal journals, news and so much more. If I don’t stop writing about twitter now, this blog post will turn into a twitter lovefest, so let me stop right now. Follow me here. I always send a tweet to new followers.


I have a Facebook Page for my blog, you can check it out here – do head on over and give it a follow.

As a quick reminder, likes on posts don’t rank like they used to, so the heart emoji or face emojis or comments are greatly appreciated.

A little bit cheeky but here is a link to my Law Student Facebook Group – totally free, just for law students and we have some great discussions.  I guess if I can’t plug my own Facebook Group on my blog, then when can I?!


I am over on LinkedIn, and hope you are too! If you are on LinkedIn, do connect with me here.

I am also happy to have a glance at your LinkedIn page to see if I can recommend what (if anything) you could do to enhance your profile.


More videos are coming I promise.  I am so glad that after I uploaded my Q&A video that you all wanted more videos. It was something I never thought I would do (share regular videos), and my YouTube channel was just created to host my Q&A video. Fast forward a year or so and 14 videos are uploaded. I know it isn’t loads but there will be more coming your way. More videos are coming soon, I love that you all really like the video content, so expect more for the last quarter of 2018.  Tell me what you want to see though, leave me a message or comment! Find me here on YouTube, and then go and subscribe and hit the bell icon, so you never miss a video!

If you do watch a video though, please hit the like button or leave a comment.  And do share with friends, fellow law students, whether via social media or your VLE.


I am a big lover of Instagram and the content being shared on there. It is a great platform, and full of law students, lawyers, law schools and law firms (as well as legal tech companies). So come over and follow Lawyer In The Making, I share my own journey, top tips, study tips, legal news, we have polls and discussions.  I also give you a little insight into my life, the things I like etc. Follow me here, and do say hi and tell me you have found me via my blog.

Rebecca x