YouTube | Where have I been?

Where have I been?

So, where have I been? Here, there and everywhere it feels like.  But, I’m not talking about destinations in this post, I have been so quiet over on YouTube and I wanted to let you know that’s all about to change.

I filmed this quick video to explain where I have been, and what you can expect going forward!

What can you expect on my Lawyer In The Making YouTube channel?

If you watch my video you will see that I do want to keep the content tailored to both audiences.  So content for law students, but also content for lawyers and those working in the legal profession.  I am hoping that some videos will sit nicely between the two, but I am also very aware that not all the content will do that.

What can you do?

So of course I would love it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, it just means that you will never miss a video!  You can subscribe by going onto my YouTube and hitting the subscribe button.  Equally, likes and comments are always appreciated on my videos.  Plus if you like what you see on my YouTube channel, then share a link from it to social media or with people you think will like it.

More important than that though, I would love to know what you want me to film and share.  I have a big list of topics and things I want to talk about and share, and this list I have generated myself and from conversations an discussions with people in person and online – but, I want to know what you want!

So make sure that you send me messages on social media, that you comment on my videos or that you email me with what you want.

I want to be producing content that is of interest to you, but also a benefit – so what do you want to see or learn about?

Rebecca x

YouTube Video | How to follow up with people from events

I recently filmed a video with some top tips on how to follow up with people that you meet at legal events.

Maybe they gave you a business card and you just want to ask them some questions. Perhaps they asked you to contact them regarding work experience or job opportunities.  Maybe they asked for you to keep them in the loop about your career.  Whatever the reason this video contains some basic tips to help you reach out to them.

Follow up

3 quick ways to assist you with following up with people after an event.

  1. Jot down some notes on their business card or a notebook. Note down who they were and most importantly WHY you need to contact them (if there was a reason of course).  For example, if you need to send them your CV to look over make sure you write that down and you do it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to remind people (politely) where you met them. For example, it was really great to sit next to you at X.
  3. Spelling and grammar is important. Misspelling someone’s name is poor form, especially when you have it on a business card in front of you.

I hope you find it useful and if you did, please head on over and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.  I am uploading weekly videos and plan to create even more content this year for you on YouTube.

Rebecca x

P.S. for lots of top tips make sure you are checking out my twitter as well @lawyer_inmaking 

Lawyer In The Making |Question and Answer Video

So right now my professionally filmed Lawyer In The Making Question and Answer video has just gone live on YouTube!

I can’t believe it is up there and you can click here to watch it!

Lawyer In The Making Question and Answer Video

Lawyer In The Making Question and Answer Video

I have a proper blog post that I wrote ages ago when I was in Manchester all about the day – but I couldn’t share it with you, as I wanted to keep this as a surprise (plus I have one other big surprise later this year!) until it was ready to go live – so that blog post will be published next week!


Here is my first proper video (filmed by Marc from Coolbox with help from Tim from We Are Mogul (

The video was filmed back in November in Manchester, it was a great day out and I managed to answer some of my most asked questions as well as some from twitter!

It feels very strange having this video up, and this is going to be the start of a lot more film content from me, but please be nice if you leave a comment. I was very self conscious watching it back, and very over critical (so lots of the bits of me working on my laptop etc. have stayed in as other people liked them!). It is very strange watching yourself back but something I will definitely get used to – I hope!

I hope you like the video, give it a like, and do subscribe as I have a series of vlogs coming soon!

Let me know what you think, and I hope you like it, find it useful, and enjoy seeing some of my vlogs during 2016!  Do hit the subscribe button as well!

Are there any questions you want me to answer?  I get sent a lot of questions which I regularly share the answers to on here.

Rebecca x