Free April Revision Schedule PDF

So I created my own revision schedules, and a lot of you commented on the monthly and week by week plans on my Instagram page.  Here is a link to download my Free April Revision Schedule PDF.


As I have mentioned above, a lot of you commented on my Instagram post and Snapchat saying that you thought my revision schedules were really good, and you wished you had them, so I have made them a downloadable PDF for you!

FREE April Revision Schedule PDF

FREE April Revision Schedule PDF

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Why not download the Free weekly revision planner (broken down into subjects and sub-topics) here.

Rebecca x

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Alternative Legal Awards 2016

alternative legal awards 2016

Today’s #janlawblogpost is taking you to an article John Hyde has written for The Law Society Gazette, containing Alternative Legal Awards.

Day 4 - Alternative Legal Awards

Day 4 – Alternative Legal Awards

I really enjoy reading posts from The Law Society Gazette.  I was fortunate at university and various places of work to pick up a hard copy.  Now I just check it out online or hard copy when they hand them out at events.

So if you saw any legal news or were on twitter much last year, you will know that there were quite a few legal award ceremonies.  John Hyde has created his own “alternative” legal awards, and it made me giggle so I just had to share it.  You can read the article here.

Check out who won:

  • The ‘Boss, Can I Have a Word?’ Award
  • The Donald Trump Award for Excellence in Social Media
  • The ‘Value of Your Investment May Go Down’ Award
  • The ‘Say What You Really Think’ Award

Plus there are some other “alternative” awards on the list as well.

The Law Society Gazette

As mentioned above, and in numerous blog posts and twitter tips it is important to stay up to date on legal news.

If you don’t already I would highly recommend you check out The Law Society Gazette website, and also their twitter feed. The website is free to access and news stories go up every day.

Rebecca x


Lawyer In The Making | My 2017 Mission

my 2017 mission

There are a lot of exciting plans and goals for 2017 including a new website design later this year.

However, the one that I am so excited to kick start is helping law schools produce more online content!

law schools let’s do this

So if you are a law school then 2017 is the year that it is time to make better use of that blog or news page on your website.  Not only is it a great marketing platform for prospective students but it is also a great way to create an online ‘digital’ time capsule for some of the events you have put on, student experiences etc.

Creating content really doesn’t have to be time consuming and I want to help you and your law students!

You have a bank of academics and students who could easily write some blog or news posts for your website, so why aren’t you?

I am looking forward to working with as many law schools as I can this year, and globally!

So I am here to help you, and below are just a few of the ways I will be helping:

  • sharing blogging tips
  • uploading videos
  • running law school training sessions
  • helping you create schedules
  • showing you that it really doesn’t have to be time consuming
  • showing you how to get your students writing

I can’t wait to see what we can all achieve in 2017!

So are you in?

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Rebecca x

YouTube Video | How to follow up with people from events

I recently filmed a video with some top tips on how to follow up with people that you meet at legal events.

Maybe they gave you a business card and you just want to ask them some questions. Perhaps they asked you to contact them regarding work experience or job opportunities.  Maybe they asked for you to keep them in the loop about your career.  Whatever the reason this video contains some basic tips to help you reach out to them.

Follow up

3 quick ways to assist you with following up with people after an event.

  1. Jot down some notes on their business card or a notebook. Note down who they were and most importantly WHY you need to contact them (if there was a reason of course).  For example, if you need to send them your CV to look over make sure you write that down and you do it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to remind people (politely) where you met them. For example, it was really great to sit next to you at X.
  3. Spelling and grammar is important. Misspelling someone’s name is poor form, especially when you have it on a business card in front of you.

I hope you find it useful and if you did, please head on over and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.  I am uploading weekly videos and plan to create even more content this year for you on YouTube.

Rebecca x

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