25 Days Of Crime/Thriller/Psychological Suspense Writers

You all know that I love all things crime/psychological suspense related, so criminal dramas, documentaries, podcasts and books.  So when I decided to start interviewing some crime authors, I was rather excited.

There are however, hundreds and hundreds of authors I could feature and would love to feature, so it has been really hard picking just a handful to feature this time.  You have absolutely no idea how excited I am for this mini-series and because of how many authors there are that I would love to feature on my blog, I am already planning on extending into next year.  Maybe not everyday, but a couple a month!

In the run up to Christmas I thought I would interview some of the crime writers both here in the UK and abroad.  Some are long-standing authors, others are just about to be published – I wanted to understand more about why they write crime novels.

I also wanted to chat about their writing routines (as some of them still work full time jobs), their previous experiences (some have a background in the police or psychology), their love of crime, how much they research, where they get their inspiration from as well as being nosey and asking they who their favourite authors are.

I will also be sharing links to their books, which would make great Christmas presents or stocking fillers, even a secret santa present.  Books really do make great presents, not only do they give people the chance to relax, but they are a great way of escaping the day to day challenges and stresses we all face!

I can’t wait for you to check out this series, and hope you enjoy delving into the minds of some amazing authors in the run up to Christmas!

Rebecca x

p.s. For ease I am going to be using the hashtag #25daysofcrime on Twitter as #25daysofcrimethrillersandpsychologicalsuspenseauthors is just a little bit too long!

Crime Podcast | Crime Bites

Crime Bites. Interested in crime? Love podcasts? Fascinated by criminology?

Then Crime Bites might be for you.. actually there is no ‘might be’ about it… Crime Bites will definitely be for you.

So what is Crime Bites?

Crime Bites is a podcast by criminologist Professor Elizabeth Yardley.  If you love all things crime, criminology and watch documentaries then her name might sound familiar.  Thats because Elizabeth regularly features in crime based documentaries, giving her opinion or explaining why people do things etc.  She has been on Crimes That Shook Britain and also Britain’s Killer Kids, as well as others.

Crime Bites makes sense of crime, but also looks at society’s response to it.

Elizabeth Yardley is also a criminologist working at Birmingham City University and she specialises in the study of homicide and crime in the media. Combining the two you get the essence of her podcast, Crime Bites!

Crime Bites is a monthly podcast and it explores crime and society’s response to it.  The podcast draws on criminological ideas.

Other criminologists, from all over the country also feature on the podcast.  Elizabeth discusses with them some of the concepts used in their daily jobs, as well as trends, key cases and aspects of criminology that they are researching in more depth.  It also touches on programmes of interest, the media’s response and also societies response to crimes committed.

I really enjoyed listening to their discussion on various television crime dramas or documentaries – as someone that is a huge crime geek (when it comes to podcasts, books, TV series, documentaries) it is fascinating to know what other people think of them.  As well as what criminologists make of it – they (like lawyers) view things in a different way to people that don’t necessarily come from that field of work!


Should you listen to Crime Bites?

Yes – you can probably tell from how I have been writing that I really enjoy listening to this podcast.  The guests that are featured are always great and easy to listen to.  You feel like you are learning a lot whilst listening, but it is also an easy listen.  I get super excited when a new episode appears.

I also really liked the episode “Social Media Homicide Confessions: Stories of their killers and their victims”.  As you might have guessed, this episode looked at crimes where people had confessed their killings on social media.  The question was posed, “Is this only a recent thing?” because there are circumstances in history where people went to the papers etc.  It was interesting to hear their thoughts on the topic of social media confessions and changing times.

Other episodes have looked at tv programmes such as Doctor Foster, Mind Hunter etc.  They have also discussed crime related topics linked to sexting, websleuthing, prisons and even dating apps.

Do you like listening to podcasts? Do you like crime ones? Have you listened to Crime Bites before?

Rebecca x

Lawyer In The Making is going to the National Justice Museum

I am going to the National Justice Museum next week. Excited is an understatement.  It is no secret that I am a massive law geek and whilst I love sunny holidays and also city breaks. I also love going to crime and justice related places.  That include museums, castles, prisons etc.

Whenever I go on business trips I always try and find something law related to go and see or do.  I even managed to do that when I went to California for 3 weeks on a sight seeing type holiday.

I have an ever-growing list of crime and law related places I want to visit, both here in the UK and abroad.

National Justice museum

So on Monday I will be in Nottingham, and I am heading to the National Justice Museum.  It has been on the list of places to visit for a while, as I have heard great reviews.

The weather isn’t meant to be amazing Monday/Tuesday in Nottingham, so it will be good to kill a few hours.

Plus I have heard that the pub/bar in a church is next door so that is always handy.

What is at the National Justice Museum?

So what is at the National Justice Museum? A series of cells to check out, various methods of punishment and lots of history (as well as more modern topics).

Our impressive collection is made up of over 40 000 objects and archives. It is the UK’s largest collection relating to  to law, justice, crime and punishment.

I am really looking forward to checking out some of the Great Train Robbery evidence as well as the dock from Bow Street Magistrates Court, which was used in notorious cases such as the trials of Oscar Wilde, Roger Casement and the Krays

I am going to keep this blog post short and then fill you in on my thoughts once I have visited.

Have you visited the national justice musuem? let me know on social media!

Rebecca x


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Is the news always negative?

Every now and then, well actually more often than not, I turn the radio on in the car and listen to the news and the only stories making the headlines are negative ones.

It is common practice nowadays to hear about crimes, murders, police investigations, prison enquiries and so much more.

Whilst I appreciate that this needs to be shared, sometimes that is all that is shared.

You aren’t telling me that at any given time there is nothing else happening in the world, no other news stories to report on, or some uplifting pieces to share.

I am aware that the world we live in, is sadly one where crimes committed are a daily occurrence, and I am not naive to think this does not go on.  However, every now and then I would love to hear an uplifting story, or even something that was not crime related.

is it too much to ask to have some positivity in the news every now and then?

Whilst I do understand that there is so much going on in the world, from terrorism, wars, politics, religion and even poverty, and we definitely NEED to be hearing about these things, do we really need to be hearing constantly about all of the crimes that have been committed?  Plus that handful we hear about each day isn’t even half of what is going on here in the UK on a daily basis.

How nice has it been over the last few weeks to see the news dominated by people’s achievements at the Olympics, stories of people who have fought so hard to make it to the Olympics and even go on and win medals.  Stories of people beating the odds to represent Great Britain.

These are the stories children need to be hearing, they need to be encouraged and shown how hard work can pay off, whatever field they want to go into.

They need to be reminded that having an education (not necessarily going to university) but sticking school out is necessary.

They need to be reminded that getting into trouble at a young age isn’t cool, it is stupid.

They need to be reminded that bullying other class mates doesn’t make them big or clever, it makes them a horrible person.

Why can’t these olympic athletes be people that the children in our schools aspire to be? Why can’t the children working tirelessly to raise money for various causes be the role models for children today?

Is it possible to take the focus less off crime, and instead remind people what it means to be a decent human being?

There will always be crime (I know that) but let’s take the focus off that, share the news stories like we have to do so, but also infiltrate them with stories that inspire, encourage and motivate young people to live a life free from crime.

Let’s take the glamour out of committing crimes because it really is having a huge impact on the children of tomorrow, and I for one don’t like where this is leading.

Rebecca x