I’m back… having the flu sucks!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever… but it has only been two/three weeks.  You may have seen the odd post go up, those are ones I wrote in advance and scheduled.

Not all of my posts I write in advance, some are written the day I see things or when I collate a list of news articles that are current and I want to share them with you.

I try and write a mix of content so that somethings I can schedule but others I can write and upload there and then.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely messages however, and all the people that checked in to ask where I was as they hadn’t seen me on social media much.

Having the flu sucks big time.  When people used to say “you will know when you’ve had the flu, it is nothing like having a cold” – they are right! I even had a flu jab last year and that didn’t save me from catching it.  It completely wipes you out and comes on so quickly, unlike a cold.

Is it bad that I totally missed being on twitter and instagram? I also really missed not being able to start conversations in my Facebook Group for law students.

I really like twitter as a platform for keeping up to date on legal news, topics, discussions and also what everyone (as well as law schools and law firms) are up to generally!

I am back, I am writing again, I am catching up on all of the things I have missed over the last few weeks and also seeing what is planned for the next few weeks in the legal world!

Have a great week!

Rebecca x

Mini-pupillage deadlines | January-March 2018

Now to every Chambers has a “window” for submitting your applications for mini-pupillage, but some do!

Here, however, are some of the ones with deadlines approaching.  The post is littered with links to help you, from information about their specific mini-pupillages, information on how to apply and also just what that Chambers is all about.

If you find this useful, do hit the share button or send the link to your friends/fellow law students.

4 New Square

4 New Square is a leading commercial set based in London.  Some of the areas of law they cover include: Commercial Chancery, Construction, Sports, Professional Liability, Commercial Fraud, Information Technology, Product Liability etc.  You can read more about their areas of expertise here and just click down the list on the left hand side panel.

They offer 4 periods of mini-pupillages throughout the year. Their mini-pupillages typically are for 2 days and usually take place in specific weeks in May, July, November and December of each year. They also try to take 10 mini-pupils per week.   Mini-pupillages do not include a formally assessed piece of work.

The application  deadline for the May (week commencing 14th May 2018) mini-pupillage week is 16th March 2018.

How can you apply? This webpage contains all the information you need to apply, with links to the necessary forms.

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is a commercial set based in London. You can check out all of their areas of expertise here, but they include ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), Shipping, Insolvency and Restructuring, Chancery Commercial, Civil Fraud etc.

They have a number of mini-pupillages available throughout the year.  Their website states that potential mini-pupils should be at least in their second year of their degree and be expecting to graduate with a 2:1 or above.

Quadrant Chambers offer 2 day mini-pupillages which take place during the specific weeks (you can see the other dates if you click the link above).  Please note the applicable deadline for your application.

The deadline for applying for a mini-pupillage for weeks commencing 12th and 19th March 2018  is the 31st January 2018.

How can you apply? If you click this link it takes you directly to their application form.

Fountain Court

Fountain Court is predominantly a commercial set, and you can read all about their areas of expertise here.

Now the deadline for their mini-pupillage during 1st February and 30th April has passed, but the deadline for a mini-pupillage during the period 1st May to 14th July is  30th January.

How to apply?  If you click this link and scroll to relatively near the bottom, you will see a paragraph which contains the link to their application form.  Clicking on the link on their website will automatically download the application form.

Best of luck with applying! If you need a hand with your application forms or CVs, check out this blog post and video.  Also, don’t forget that there is a huge section in my ebook ‘A Brief Guide To Being A Law Student’ on all things CVs, Cover Letters, Application Forms and Interviews.  Plus a section on work experience, where I share ideas, top tips and how to make the most of the experience.

Rebecca x



2018 – goal setting, word of the year, mental health and self care

The new year brings with it millions of posts on goal setting, resolutions, dreams, aspirations and so much more.  It can leave people feeling inspired or totally overwhelmed.  Some people avoid resolutions as it can bring with it negative connotations but others need to have targets and things to work towards.

With that in mind, I thought I would pull together some blog posts for you to check out.

Mental health, self care and general well being are so important – and these things can have a huge impact on other areas of your life.

There are some amazing bloggers out there, who regularly write amazing content.  I have picked four who have all written about setting goals, new year resolutions, words of the year, well being, mental health and self care.

They each have their own take on the topics, their own ideas and opinions – but hopefully there is something you can take from each of them.


Rosalilium is a lifestyle blog, created by Elizabeth.  Her blog focuses on wellbeing in various aspects of everyone’s lives. It is a personal blog and features blog posts on travel, recipes, lifestyle, mental health, wellbeing and much more. http://www.rosalilium.com

Choosing a Word of The Year – not sure what this is or means? Maybe you need a little inspiration? Elizabeth has written a blog post all about choosing a ‘word of the year’ and her post also includes a free download.

Your well being has a massive impact on your work, your studies, your mood, your relationships.  If you need a little help then here are 5 ways to boost your well being.

Looking to improve your overall self care and well being? Stuck for ideas? Elizabeth has created a list of 100 things to do for self care – which should definitely give you some ideas or inspiration, you can check it out here.

365 Pearls of Wisdom

365 Pearls of Wisdom is a blog written by Karen.

Are you looking for some alternatives to setting new year resolutions? Then here are 5 alternatives to help you plan your 2018.

Struggling with winter? We (well us here in the UK) still have 2 more wintery months ahead of us and the cold and dark mornings can play havoc for some students and those heading off to work.  Karen created a winter wellness toolkit which you might want to check out

Wholeheartedly Laura 

I met Laura, Wholeheartedly Laura at a Blognix Conference back in 2016 and was sat with her on a table for a mastermind before Laura did a talk.  Out of all the blogs I read, I can really picture Laura and hear her voice when I read her posts.  She is very real and authentic and personal.

New Year New You – Struggling with this time of year? Unsure whether to set goals/resolutions, struggling to get motivated, have a million and one things you want to achieve? If you need some clarity on how best to plan your 2018 then maybe give this a read.

Wanting to set some intentions for 2018? This blog post does share Laura’s intentions – it also talks about the process of setting them

Mind set and wellbeing – your mindset is the most powerful tool for better well being.  Are these things you struggle with? Laura explains all about how your mindset and well being work together in a lot more detail here.

The Travel Hack

Now, you know me, I love a good holiday.  Even a weekend away.  One blog I love reading is The Travel Hack – Monica has the best blog ever (and she has pretty great blog contributors as well).  On The Travel Hack, you can read some great posts on luxury based travel and adventure travel.  It also contains posts on general every day life, packing, books, days out etc.

Now you might be wondering what the Travel Hack has to do with new year, resolutions, self care.  Well… Monica recently uploaded a post all about Simple New Year’s Resolutions for a healthier, happier and more organised 2018.  This post contains some great suggestions that are perfect for students, academics and lawyers who are looking for a more rounded, happy and easy 2018.

I hope you found some of these useful – and wishing you a happy, healthy, motivated 2018.

Rebecca x

Let’s talk… Riverdale

Let’s talk… Riverdale

Have any of you watched Riverdale?

It’s a massive hit all over the world, and I was a little late to the party.  I have caught up now though, and wow, it is amazing.

I had read a lot about it, and seen it appear in various social media timelines and the papers kept talking about what a hit it was.  Yet, it wasn’t until my little sister told me to check it out, that I did.  Safe to say I have spent the last 7 days catching up, and I am eagerly awaiting Season 3.

What is Riverdale?

Riverdale is based on the original story from Archie Comics which apparently started in the 1940s.  It focuses a group of high school students who are shocked when one of their classmates is found dead.  Between them they try to unravel the town secrets and establish who is behind the murder, as they don’t believe all that they keep hearing and seeing.

Though there is so much more to Riverdale than just that.  It focuses on friendships, family life, relationships along with the usual drama that goes alongside that; broken families, affairs and more.

Another aspect involves the use of the school paper to source information, bring people to justice etc.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there is far more to Riverdale than a handful of students trying to solve a murder mystery.  There are a lot of twists and turns, home truths revealed and students taking the initiative and not taking no for an answer.  Season 2 takes an even deeper and darker turn!

Is Riverdale just for Teens?

Absolutely not, I was hooked from Episode 1 and I watch a multitude of crime tv programmes, dramas and documentaries.  I definitely didn’t feel like I was watching a programme for teens.

Where you can watch it?

It is a Netflix original, so Netflix.  If you don’t have a Netflix account, then you can get a month free trial, which is easily enough time to binge watch the episodes – as they are about half hour long each! If you then did want to stay on subscribe to Netflix there are various payment plans and subscriptions options available to you.

Have you watched it? Are you going to? I honestly recommend it.

Rebecca x

Bring on 2018!

2017 has flown by.  You will have seen from my round up post that despite travelling far less this year it has gone by in the blink of an eye.  So there isn’t much else I can say than, bring on 2018!

Snippets of 2017

Just before Christmas I received an email saying that I had been accepted onto a summer course at Stanford Law School. I felt like all of my Christmas’ came at once that evening when I saw my email.  In my giddiness I may have checked the email multiple times just to ensure I read it correctly. Also, I totally woke my mum up by ringing her to let her know. I just couldn’t believe it.

2017 also saw me become a published author for the first time, well, in terms of a book.  I still can’t believe that my ebook is out there in the public domain and that people are actually purchasing it and enjoying it.  I have loved some of the lovely testimonials I have received from you, it means the world to know that you like what I have written but more importantly that it is helping you!

Thank you 

As always, you have blown me away with how generous you are with your love and support.  In a world where so many harsh comments are left daily on the internet, I am so grateful to not fall foul to any of them. *touch wood*.  I know my blog, my style of writing and content isn’t necessarily for everyone.  That being said, I am so grateful to all of my followers.

You are a brilliant bunch. I am so grateful for the retweets, shares, likes and comments on blog posts and on social media.  I love reading your emails and messages.  Whether you are thanking me for a post, seeking clarity on a point, have a question, or just want to swing by for a chat or to discuss law. You make this the best job in the world.

The Lawyer In The Making audience remains varied.  Every day law students, academics and lawyers from all over the world read my posts.  I love that my audience is so varied!

My tiny little blog and space on the internet feels like home.  I am so glad that you feel like that with it as well!

Bring on 2018

So here is to 2018… the future law students, the current law students, the law graduates, the post graduates, the trainees and pupils, the newly qualified, the lawyers and the academics!  I cannot wait to see what you achieve this year!

So here is to 2018... the future law students, the current law students, the law graduates, the… Click To Tweet

So here is to 2018… the legal developments, legal charities, legal events, legal tech advancements, landmark cases, law reform etc.

So here is to 2018… I can’t wait to get stuck in and write more content.  Excited to encourage law firms and law schools to be more active online in terms of content and social media.  I can’t wait to get my geek on, read even more, study more and just immerse myself in all things law. Legal events, conferences, seminars and webinars – excited is an understatement. All of this will be done with the odd hot chocolate and a trip to Stanford Law School thrown in for good measure.

2018 - the year that law firms and law schools become more active online in terms of content… Click To Tweet

I also can’t wait to continue pursuing my legal interests and those areas of law I am passionate about. Equally, I will continue with my love of all things crime.  Documentaries, days out, events, books and podcasts – this is a hobby of mine (if you can call it that).

Have a brilliant year whatever you are doing – bring on 2018!

Rebecca x