Social Media School For Lawyers and Law Firms

Welcome to the Lawyer In The Making Social Media School! 

The Social Media School for lawyers and law firms is a great way to work on your social media, improve your engagement and really understand the role social media can play for you and your business.

Social media is fundamental for lawyers and law firms; it is a place to share and discuss legal news, engage with lawyers around the world, and show potential clients that you are active in the legal sphere!

Who is the Social Media School for?

The Social Media School is for lawyers and law firms predominantly (though the information is useful for law students!).

Whether you have just set up your social media accounts, are thinking about doing so, or have had them for a while – there is something for everyone.

Plus the information I am going to be sharing is applicable to anyone based anywhere in the world!

Social Media

Social Media

A bit of background about me

You all know that I have been building up my law blog for approximately 8 years now.  I have written content and trained lawyers and law firms all over the world on all things digital marketing.  It goes without saying that I  am a law geek but I also understand the importance of social media and blogging for lawyers.

Having had over 8 years experience working in the legal sector, I get how lawyers work (but rather importantly I also understand clients).  That means I can tailor the training to what you (and your clients) need and want!

So why have I created this?

Some of you may have already had my 1-1 and group training sessions on social media and blogging (whether that be online or in person). However, I wanted to create something that is accessible to even more of you, and something that you can use time and time again!

What is covered?

There are 6 lessons and 1 bonus session included in the 7 day training, and I endeavour to share as much as I can with you in that time.  The 7 sessions  include the essentials from setting things up, to the frequently asked question “How often should I be posting?”.  You will also leave the 7 days knowing what you can share, who to be following and how to make engaging on social media far easier !

The topics covered are:

  1. Social Media Overview – basic tips and tricks, why social media is fundamental and what your audience want from you!
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Instagram
  6. Videos – YouTube, Periscope, Instagram Stories, Snapchat and platforms such as Facebook live.
  7. *Bonus* – blogging for lawyers and law firms!

Each session includes a video, and some useful information to take away and action.

Why should I sign up?

It is only £70. For that £70 you get 6 video lessons, plus documents and resources and one bonus session! As a perk of the 7 day course you get to email me any of your key questions. I will respond to every single one of them, meaning you get to pick my brain on all these topics.  The videos and resources you can use time and time again.

Sign up here and you will receive the videos starting.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, just pay as a guest!

If you have any questions on what is covered or how it works, don’t hesitate to contact me .