The Times | Student Offer

Why should law students check out The Times | Student Offer?

I love reading The Times, it is probably my go to newspaper in general but also the law section every week is really good.  What is even better is their online coverage.

You can get access online via the website, a smart phone and a tablet, plus Times+.

There are various other packages, and you can buy packages which enable you to pick up hard copies as well.

For me, having access to a newspaper online is amazing.  I can access it whenever, wherever and it is so helpful.  You can check out all of their packages here.

The Times | Student Offer

Whilst I don’t even think the monthly cost is overly expensive, they do have a student price.  It’s a bargain.  So if you have a spare £26 and a UniDays account then please do purchase this.  £26 for the year is nothing! Plus if you sign up you get unlimited access to The Times online, every year for 4 years if you pay the £26 each time.  That’s insanely good.

The Times | Student Price

The Times | Student Price

Do check it out, and even maybe consider adding it to the list of things you want for Christmas or Birthdays from people.  You won’t regret it.  Staying up to date is so important, and you shouldn’t just be staying up to date on legal news.  The news in general is so important, and it is necessary that you can demonstrate awareness.  As well as ascertaining if any impact on the legal sector.

Another great reason to have access via your phone is for all those interviews you might have.  You might get asked questions about recent news stories, or interesting articles you have read.  So you don’t need to panic and try and grab a copy of The Metro (or another freebie paper) on your commute, you can access The Times app on your phone and check out the news.

Rebecca x

Subscribe | YouTube channel

Have you seen that I have my own YouTube Channel?

Before we kick things off, and if you don’t want to read lots of info on my YouTube channel you can just check it out here.

I set one up in 2015/2016 to host my Q&A video and short Q&A promo video which you can view by clicking the links.  However a lot of you really liked those videos and asked for more video content, so I did start playing with creating content on that platform for you.

Thank you so much for all of the views, likes and comments (both on YouTube and on social media) it really is amazing to see.

So if you don’t already, please hit the subscribe button, it just means that you are informed every time a new post goes live.

What is on my Youtube channel?

My content is split between my two audiences, law students and lawyers.  It ranges from study tips, useful events and other information for law students.  There is also information for lawyers on creating content and using social media which really helps boost your client engagement.

Some of my videos include:

Q&A – Get to know me, Lawyer In The Making

Are you struggling at University? What can you do about it?

Law Students | How to use twitter like a pro

Law Students | Stressing about Advocacy? Here are some basic tips to help!

What content is coming on my YouTube channel?

There is going to be a lot more of the same, I am very happy that you asked for more video content.  I have really loved making these videos, and can’t wait to film more.  I also have a couple of mini-series coming in the near future for both lawyers and law students.

If you have any suggestions for videos or content you would like me to produce then let me know.  Email me your suggestions using this contact form.

, Rebecca x

Get to know me!

Whilst I share a lot of information about what I am up to in my legal career and studies online, my personal/private life I do tend to keep private, I like it that way.  However, one of the things I want my blog to be is personal but professional.  with that in mind I thought you should get

So here is an opportunity to get to know me a little better!

  1. My name is Rebecca.  No one really shortens it, I think I always wanted it to be Rebecca at school, as I knew I wanted to do it law.  Well I say no one really shortens it, that’s true, apart from my little sisters.  Being the oldest, when they both came along they struggled to say Rebecca, so they tend to call me Bec.
  2. I have grown up in London.  I feel so lucky to have grown up in a city that I want to work in.  I love London, and it is every aspiring lawyers dream, so I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.  I do also love the fact that I am surrounded by amazing cities, plus the countryside and seaside.
  3.  I am ridiculously shy.  No one ever believes me, but I am.  I have always been shy and I am lucky that I know a few ways to hide the nerves when speaking at events or out and about.
  4.  I love holidays.  Ideally the kind where you just lounge around in the sun for days, but I’m not adverse to a city break either.
  5. Costa Hot Chocolate with marshmallows is the one.  If you follow me on my social media platforms you will know it is my go to drink.
  6. My closest friends are all guys. I don’t know why, it just happened that way.  There are a handful of them that I would be lost without.  Obviously, I have some girls that I am friends with as well!
  7. I have a 12 year age gap between my youngest sister and I. I was in Year 7 when she born, and I remember the day as if it was yesterday.  Now she is taller than me, far more head strong than I ever was at her age and it is a constant reminder of how much the world has changed since I was her age.
  8. When I was born there were 5 generations.  I love looking at a picture we have of my Great-Great Grandad, my Great-Granny, my Grandad, my Mum and then me as a tiny baby!
  9. I am actually brown belt in karate.  When I was younger I would go along to classes twice a week, and I would hate the thought of going, but love it once I was there (I am sure my parents hated me for this).  I gave it up when I started secondary school.
  10. My family have a house in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere, with hills and beaches nearby.  It is perfect, and the perfect escape from London.

So there you have it, 10 things you may or may not have known about me.

Rebecca x

2017 | Let’s talk about my company a little more!

2017 is the year that I want to show what I am capable of doing for law firms, lawyers and law schools. 

In 2016 I was quite reserved in showcasing and documenting what I can do as a company.

I really can’t wait to share with you more about that (and I have a specific website coming) but I was very fortunate that last year all of my work was word of mouth and recommendations which is and was amazing.

However this year I want to help more companies and law schools, and the only way to do that is talk more about what I can do, successes of previous clients and also why digital marketing is essential in the legal sector.

You know that I’m a massive law geek, and I am totally proud to say that.

I also love social media, producing content and writing blog posts which share legal news, events etc.

So when you combine those two you get my company.

There are so many benefits in terms of being on social media, but is is also really important that you manage social media properly.  There is no point in a having a social media account if you share updates, links and news once a month.

I love helping law firms, lawyers and law schools on all of these topics; social media, blogging, client engagement and website content – and I really do love training people on this (and the benefits of using social media and a blog to market your business).

So if you need help on any of the above or maybe your current marketing material could do with a revamp, then get in touch.

I like to think that I have a slight advantage in that I have worked for 7 years in the legal sector, and I understand how lawyers work and what clients want.

I hope that my insight and knowledge on how the law work,s means that I am able to easily demonstrate to you the benefits of an active social media strategy and what you can be doing to really enhance your business.

2017 needs to be the year that law firms and law schools are far more engaged online!

Rebecca x

What do I do?

I get a lot of emails asking about what I do on daily basis so I thought I’d share with you just a few things that I do for law firms and law schools all over the world.

I don’t really have a standard week so here are just a few bullet points summing up a few of the things I might be getting up to.

Social media training

You know I love social media, and there are so many benefits today for the legal sector with social media however some people just don’t quite know how to do it or they don’t do it correctly. So my training sessions show you the best ways to engage with clients, potential clients and the legal sector as a whole.

Social media management

Some people just don’t have time to manage their social media accounts themselves and that’s totally okay, as that’s where I come in.  I can help by managing the social media platforms ensuring that there is consistency.

Writing blog posts

Sometimes you may stumble across a website and be reading their content whether it be a blog post or website content (service pages etc.) and that content might actually be written by me.

I write content for people that just don’t have the time to write it themselves.  Sometimes I might be named on the website as the author, or sometimes I am writing as a ghost writer.

If you’re particularly busy law firm or law school this is a great way to get content out if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, especially as you should be blogging or updating your news pages regularly.

Training on blogging

Now you all know I love blogging and I love showing other people how to do blog effectively.  Blogging is so important for law schools,  lawyers and law firms so my training helps explain why it’s important, the benefits, how to do it effectively, why it doesn’t have to be a time consuming exercise and also some of my top tips.

Speaking at events

I’m very lucky that I get invited to speak at events, from legal conferences to law schools.  I get to talk about social media for lawyers, why blogging is so important, what life is like as a law student (and now law graduate) as well a many other subjects.

I love speaking with you all, having great conversations and sharing some of my knowledge with you.

Rewriting website content

Very often I get asked if I can rewrite some of website content, whether it is services page, an about us or any other pages on website.

Conducting social media or website reviews

Very often people will have social media channels or a website and they just aren’t seeing the results or engagement that they want.  What I do is conduct a social media or website review where I check out various things online and then produce a report which shows you exactly what is and isn’t working.  How you can improve what you are doing, as well as how to make the most of these platforms. I throw in some of my top tips as well!

Writing content my blog

Part of my week is spent writing my own content for Lawyer In The Making.   I am so lucky that this still feels like a hobby to me which I think is the most important part.  I am a genuine law geek and writing content is so exciting, I love reading news stories, finding out the legal aspects of things, sharing events, books etc.  So if you do ever see a story that you think I might be interested in do share the link with me on social media.

Writing content of the other online platforms 

Sometimes I get asked to write content myself which is then shared on other platforms or online magazines. I absolutely love doing  this and recently I wrote a series of 30 blog posts for law students which are being shared on the Thomson Reuters website and as and when posts go live I will be sharing the links on here.

So there you have it a mini-breakdown of what I do, and if you are interested in any of the things I have mentioned above, or believe I might be able to help you, then please do get in touch.

Rebecca x