Get to know me!

Whilst I share a lot of information about what I am up to in my legal career and studies online, my personal/private life I do tend to keep private, I like it that way.  However, one of the things I want my blog to be is personal but professional.  with that in mind I thought you should get

So here is an opportunity to get to know me a little better!

  1. My name is Rebecca.  No one really shortens it, I think I always wanted it to be Rebecca at school, as I knew I wanted to do it law.  Well I say no one really shortens it, that’s true, apart from my little sisters.  Being the oldest, when they both came along they struggled to say Rebecca, so they tend to call me Bec.
  2. I have grown up in London.  I feel so lucky to have grown up in a city that I want to work in.  I love London, and it is every aspiring lawyers dream, so I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.  I do also love the fact that I am surrounded by amazing cities, plus the countryside and seaside.
  3.  I am ridiculously shy.  No one ever believes me, but I am.  I have always been shy and I am lucky that I know a few ways to hide the nerves when speaking at events or out and about.
  4.  I love holidays.  Ideally the kind where you just lounge around in the sun for days, but I’m not adverse to a city break either.
  5. Costa Hot Chocolate with marshmallows is the one.  If you follow me on my social media platforms you will know it is my go to drink.
  6. My closest friends are all guys. I don’t know why, it just happened that way.  There are a handful of them that I would be lost without.  Obviously, I have some girls that I am friends with as well!
  7. I have a 12 year age gap between my youngest sister and I. I was in Year 7 when she born, and I remember the day as if it was yesterday.  Now she is taller than me, far more head strong than I ever was at her age and it is a constant reminder of how much the world has changed since I was her age.
  8. When I was born there were 5 generations.  I love looking at a picture we have of my Great-Great Grandad, my Great-Granny, my Grandad, my Mum and then me as a tiny baby!
  9. I am actually brown belt in karate.  When I was younger I would go along to classes twice a week, and I would hate the thought of going, but love it once I was there (I am sure my parents hated me for this).  I gave it up when I started secondary school.
  10. My family have a house in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere, with hills and beaches nearby.  It is perfect, and the perfect escape from London.

So there you have it, 10 things you may or may not have known about me.

Rebecca x

5 Programmes To Watch | 2017

5 Programmes To Watch | 2017

So if any of you know me, you know I love a good boxset (and typically those from the US – though the UK does have a few good ones).  With studying it isn’t always easy to watch programmes, so very often they sky+ until I can watch them.

However the start of 2017 is looking like it could be a great few months for crime/law related TV programmes.

Here are just 5 that I am super excited to watch over the coming months.

Prison Break

The rumours have been doing the rounds for many years about a potential return of Michael Schofield, and last year it was finally confirmed.   I was so excited to find out that Prison Break would be returning for another season, and that Michael was in fact not dead.  However, I am a little dubious about whether this series will be as exciting as the others.

Prison Break last aired on our screens in 2009, so it has been quite a while! For all the information on the new season of Prison Break which will be coming in a few months check out all the coverage from Fox here.


After two phenomenal series, everyone wanted more.  The suspense in series one reminded me that the UK can still produce a great TV drama.  I won’t lie, I was apprehensive that series 2 might not have the same suspense, and that cliffhanger every episode – but it did.  More and more information drip fed every episode, and instead of being able to eliminate suspects, you find yourself doubting even more people.  Broadchurch is wonderfully written, and the actors are amazing.

Season 3 airs very soon, and I am intrigued to see what line of approach they take.  Series 1 saw the murder investigation and Series 2 was the court case (albeit controversial in parts by many in the legal profession).  So what can we expect for Series 3?

You can get all the information prior to the launch on ITV here.

Little Boy Blue

It has been 10 years now since a murder that truly shocked the nation.  It was in August 2007 that 11 year old Rhys Jones was shot on his way home from football practice in Liverpool.  A crime that hit the nation, and one that I remember seeing on the news as I was growing up.  A senseless killing but one that brought a community together.

The TV programme is to air in April and you can follow all coverage on the ITV Hub here.

A Killing In My Family 

A Killing In My Family, is a channel 4 documentary which follows the charity Winston’s Wish.  This charity helps children who have sadly lost close family members to murder or manslaughter, sometimes the children have even witnessed the assaults.  The charity also supports those that are now caring for the children.

Murder is never a nice topic to discuss, but very often we live in a bubble where life is pretty much okay.  Sometimes we need a reality check to remind ourselves how lucky we are.  Charities like these are amazing, and the work they do is phenomenal.  Children should never have to lose a parent or sibling to murder or manslaughter, and they most certainly should never witness it.

I hope this TV documentary really helps highlight the damage that is caused after these horrific killings.

The Moorside 

This drama on BBC 1 due to air in February looks at the kidnapping of Shannon Matthews. It was back in February 2008 that school-girl Shannon Matthews was reported missing by her mother.  It was a news story that hit the nation hard, and one that left everyone puzzled and shocked by.  Even more so, when it was announced that her mother (who had acted somewhat weird throughout) had played a significant role in.  It left the nation questioning how anyone could do that to their own child. I remember the coverage, and the trailers for this TV drama have brought the memories back.

For more information check out the BBC info here.

If you have liked this post let me know! I always have so many crime and law related programmes I watch, or re-watch.  So I would happily share more information if you wanted it!

Rebecca x

Lawyer In The Making | My 2017 Mission

my 2017 mission

There are a lot of exciting plans and goals for 2017 including a new website design later this year.

However, the one that I am so excited to kick start is helping law schools produce more online content!

law schools let’s do this

So if you are a law school then 2017 is the year that it is time to make better use of that blog or news page on your website.  Not only is it a great marketing platform for prospective students but it is also a great way to create an online ‘digital’ time capsule for some of the events you have put on, student experiences etc.

Creating content really doesn’t have to be time consuming and I want to help you and your law students!

You have a bank of academics and students who could easily write some blog or news posts for your website, so why aren’t you?

I am looking forward to working with as many law schools as I can this year, and globally!

So I am here to help you, and below are just a few of the ways I will be helping:

  • sharing blogging tips
  • uploading videos
  • running law school training sessions
  • helping you create schedules
  • showing you that it really doesn’t have to be time consuming
  • showing you how to get your students writing

I can’t wait to see what we can all achieve in 2017!

So are you in?

I will be sharing blog posts and videos with blogging tips for all of you. So make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter here, and my Youtube channel here. That way you won’t miss a post or video.

Rebecca x

It is January so #janlawblogpost is back!

For the last two years I have run janlawblogpost (also known as #janlawblogpost).

janlawblogpost - #janlawblogpost is back for 2017!

#janlawblogpost is back for 2017!

So what is #janlawblogpost?

Quite simply #janlawblogpost is where everyday in January I will upload a blog post. I usually post a few times a week, but this is every day!

The type of content I will be sharing includes, legal news stories, weird cases, book reviews and much more.

I try and vary the content I upload each day, but it is always legal related.

I will be automatically uploading posts and then resharing them with the hashtag #janlawblogpost.

Previous (Janlawblogpost) links

I ran #janlawblogpost back in 2014 and 2016 and you can check out a few of the posts here.

Would you sue your mum over a birthday card?

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Strange Laws.. Japan and over-the-counter medicine

List of Strange Laws in January 2016

Panorama: Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed

So do keep an eye out on the #janlawblogpost hashtag on twitter over the coming month.

Rebecca x



Happy New Year!

Happy New year

Not only do I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017, I want to say a huge thank you for your continued support with Lawyer In The Making.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As of today I have been running Lawyer In The Making full time for a year now.  2016 saw me attend some superb conferences, visit some amazing places and meet so many of you.

Time has also been spent running training sessions for lawyers around the world, writing content for companies and also being a ghost writer. I have helped people in the legal profession with LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, Website Content and much more.

2016 was a year of firsts for me, from running a company to speaking at conferences.

A huge 2016 highlight for me included doing what I love and that is visiting law students at law school. Whether I have been running training sessions, speaking at events or just meeting you! I will continue to do so in 2017.

2017 Lawyer int the making plans

I have a lot planned for 2017, including a new website layout. I will be sharing more information regarding various Lawyer In The Making plans over the coming weeks.

Content wise, the same types of blog posts will still be here, that is one thing that isn’t changing.

I will be producing more Youtube videos in 2017. After filming my Q&A video back in 2015, and sharing it with you at the start of 2016, I received a great response. So many of you asked for more videos to compliment blog posts, and I said I would try it for a while.

I have been producing more and more videos as the months have gone on, and that will continue into 2017. So make sure that you hit the subscribe button on Youtube so that you never miss a video.

2017 personal plans

For someone that is quite shy, I very publicly share information about my studies and career online.  I don’t mind doing so, because I think it helps the relationship I have with all of you.  So 2017 could be an extremely exciting year for me personally. If everything goes to plan, 2017 is the year I complete the BPTC and get Called to the Bar.

How can you stay up to date?

Whether you are looking for legal news, study tips, or just want to be nosey about my career stay up to date on all the blog posts I share by subscribing to my weekly newsletter (I promise not to spam your inbox).

Have a wonderful 2017!