Mini-pupillage deadlines | January-March 2018

Now to every Chambers has a “window” for submitting your applications for mini-pupillage, but some do!

Here, however, are some of the ones with deadlines approaching.  The post is littered with links to help you, from information about their specific mini-pupillages, information on how to apply and also just what that Chambers is all about.

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4 New Square

4 New Square is a leading commercial set based in London.  Some of the areas of law they cover include: Commercial Chancery, Construction, Sports, Professional Liability, Commercial Fraud, Information Technology, Product Liability etc.  You can read more about their areas of expertise here and just click down the list on the left hand side panel.

They offer 4 periods of mini-pupillages throughout the year. Their mini-pupillages typically are for 2 days and usually take place in specific weeks in May, July, November and December of each year. They also try to take 10 mini-pupils per week.   Mini-pupillages do not include a formally assessed piece of work.

The application  deadline for the May (week commencing 14th May 2018) mini-pupillage week is 16th March 2018.

How can you apply? This webpage contains all the information you need to apply, with links to the necessary forms.

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is a commercial set based in London. You can check out all of their areas of expertise here, but they include ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), Shipping, Insolvency and Restructuring, Chancery Commercial, Civil Fraud etc.

They have a number of mini-pupillages available throughout the year.  Their website states that potential mini-pupils should be at least in their second year of their degree and be expecting to graduate with a 2:1 or above.

Quadrant Chambers offer 2 day mini-pupillages which take place during the specific weeks (you can see the other dates if you click the link above).  Please note the applicable deadline for your application.

The deadline for applying for a mini-pupillage for weeks commencing 12th and 19th March 2018  is the 31st January 2018.

How can you apply? If you click this link it takes you directly to their application form.

Fountain Court

Fountain Court is predominantly a commercial set, and you can read all about their areas of expertise here.

Now the deadline for their mini-pupillage during 1st February and 30th April has passed, but the deadline for a mini-pupillage during the period 1st May to 14th July is  30th January.

How to apply?  If you click this link and scroll to relatively near the bottom, you will see a paragraph which contains the link to their application form.  Clicking on the link on their website will automatically download the application form.

Best of luck with applying! If you need a hand with your application forms or CVs, check out this blog post and video.  Also, don’t forget that there is a huge section in my ebook ‘A Brief Guide To Being A Law Student’ on all things CVs, Cover Letters, Application Forms and Interviews.  Plus a section on work experience, where I share ideas, top tips and how to make the most of the experience.

Rebecca x



2018 – goal setting, word of the year, mental health and self care

The new year brings with it millions of posts on goal setting, resolutions, dreams, aspirations and so much more.  It can leave people feeling inspired or totally overwhelmed.  Some people avoid resolutions as it can bring with it negative connotations but others need to have targets and things to work towards.

With that in mind, I thought I would pull together some blog posts for you to check out.

Mental health, self care and general well being are so important – and these things can have a huge impact on other areas of your life.

There are some amazing bloggers out there, who regularly write amazing content.  I have picked four who have all written about setting goals, new year resolutions, words of the year, well being, mental health and self care.

They each have their own take on the topics, their own ideas and opinions – but hopefully there is something you can take from each of them.


Rosalilium is a lifestyle blog, created by Elizabeth.  Her blog focuses on wellbeing in various aspects of everyone’s lives. It is a personal blog and features blog posts on travel, recipes, lifestyle, mental health, wellbeing and much more.

Choosing a Word of The Year – not sure what this is or means? Maybe you need a little inspiration? Elizabeth has written a blog post all about choosing a ‘word of the year’ and her post also includes a free download.

Your well being has a massive impact on your work, your studies, your mood, your relationships.  If you need a little help then here are 5 ways to boost your well being.

Looking to improve your overall self care and well being? Stuck for ideas? Elizabeth has created a list of 100 things to do for self care – which should definitely give you some ideas or inspiration, you can check it out here.

365 Pearls of Wisdom

365 Pearls of Wisdom is a blog written by Karen.

Are you looking for some alternatives to setting new year resolutions? Then here are 5 alternatives to help you plan your 2018.

Struggling with winter? We (well us here in the UK) still have 2 more wintery months ahead of us and the cold and dark mornings can play havoc for some students and those heading off to work.  Karen created a winter wellness toolkit which you might want to check out

Wholeheartedly Laura 

I met Laura, Wholeheartedly Laura at a Blognix Conference back in 2016 and was sat with her on a table for a mastermind before Laura did a talk.  Out of all the blogs I read, I can really picture Laura and hear her voice when I read her posts.  She is very real and authentic and personal.

New Year New You – Struggling with this time of year? Unsure whether to set goals/resolutions, struggling to get motivated, have a million and one things you want to achieve? If you need some clarity on how best to plan your 2018 then maybe give this a read.

Wanting to set some intentions for 2018? This blog post does share Laura’s intentions – it also talks about the process of setting them

Mind set and wellbeing – your mindset is the most powerful tool for better well being.  Are these things you struggle with? Laura explains all about how your mindset and well being work together in a lot more detail here.

The Travel Hack

Now, you know me, I love a good holiday.  Even a weekend away.  One blog I love reading is The Travel Hack – Monica has the best blog ever (and she has pretty great blog contributors as well).  On The Travel Hack, you can read some great posts on luxury based travel and adventure travel.  It also contains posts on general every day life, packing, books, days out etc.

Now you might be wondering what the Travel Hack has to do with new year, resolutions, self care.  Well… Monica recently uploaded a post all about Simple New Year’s Resolutions for a healthier, happier and more organised 2018.  This post contains some great suggestions that are perfect for students, academics and lawyers who are looking for a more rounded, happy and easy 2018.

I hope you found some of these useful – and wishing you a happy, healthy, motivated 2018.

Rebecca x

The Late Company – this needs to be in schools!

The Late Company, is a production that I feel very strongly about when I say, this needs to be in schools!

You might remember that last weekend I went to see the play, The Late Company at Trafalgar Theatre/Studios.

I was totally blown away by both the production and the cast/story.  It was phenomenal and so different to anything else I had seen on stage.

5 people, minimal props, a dining room table and they hardly left the stage.

It was on a topic relevant to everyone in today’s world – social media.  More than that though it was about bullying  in real life and online, it was about parents being unsure about what social media is/does.  It was about suicide.  It was also about how different people react in different ways to comments made about them.  Some people can laugh them off, other people it really cuts hard and they struggle so much with being bullied and the cruel comments being said about them.

The Late Company also highlighted that sometimes bullies do not realise the potential ramifications of their actions.  It touched on, people making comments just for a laugh, but never quite realising how that is being taken by others. It also made clear that sometimes these comments being made aren’t intentionally hurtful and also that at times they aren’t overly rude – but the impact it has on the individual receiving them can still be damaging.

In today’s world, everything (sadly) happens online. 

You all know that I am a massive advocate of social media.  I use it everyday, I encourage people to be on social media.  I regularly recommend law students to be on twitter and other social media platforms, as it is a great way of engaging with the legal sector, lawyers, legal news, events, law schools, law students etc.

I also spend my time writing strategies and training lawyers and law firms (even law schools) on how to engage better online – so I get that we live in a world where “being online” is how we live now, it is just such a shame that students (and adults) are unable to escape from bullying because of it as well!

The Late Company needs to be shown in schools.

This theatre production needs to be shown in secondary schools.  It needs to tour the UK.  Due to the minimal props and space provided it could easily be done in school halls.  Students need to watch this, as it might make them think twice about some of the things they say and do, in person and online.  Equally, it might encourage some students to come forward and talk about being bullied, as opposed to

The Late Company needs to be shown to parents.

I do feel very strongly that this play needs to be shown to parents.  It would be great to see schools putting again for the parents in the evenings. It would be great to see schools putting this production on for students during the day and then parents in the evening, or even allowing students to sit with their parents and watch it.

The Late Company – a must watch in 2017!

Sadly this production is coming to an end, but it really does need to be brought to schools.  The impact this production had on me and the others in the room was huge.  People were crying in parts, the whole production really hit home just how volatile a place the internet can be, it also reminded me just how hard it is for people to seek help or tell someone how they feel.  It reminded me that we live in a world where everyday there are new developments to social media platforms, and new platfroms and apps being delivered – and very often parents are unaware of some of these, or what they do.

It reminded me that whilst bullying has happened for years and years, we now live in a world where school students are subjected to it 24/7.  They can’t leave school at the end of the day and the bullying stops, it now carries on in their pockets, with their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.   We have students putting up questions about themselves on apps and websites, waiting for responses from people they do and don’t know.  I feel very strongly about all of this because I was bullied as a child in primary school, but I could, to some extent, ignore it when I got in the car and went home.  Today that just doesn’t happen.  It is constant, and no wonder it leads to students self-harming, or contemplating suicide.  It is awful to think that someone is being tormented so much and subjected to such a horrible experience whether they are at home or school, and the only way they think this will stop, is by killing themselves.

The reviews for The Late Company are amazing, and I couldn’t recommend it enough – it really hit home on so many topics and issues! The Independent wrote a great piece about it here.  I do hope that if you have time (and you can get tickets) that you go and see this production before it closes.  You can purchase tickets for this through ATG here.

Rebecca x

Short hair… Don’t care!

So I never thought I would be writing a blog post titled Short hair… Don’t care! on here.

As you all know a lot of my content is law related, whether my own career, study tips, legal news, events, tips for lawyers and law firms growing their online presence etc.  So why a blog post called Short hair… Don’t care!?  Well, after a little incident on the train the other night, I need to have a little rant.

On Friday night I was on the tube in London and there was a mum and her little boy and girl. The little girl looked at me, then to her mum, and said “that girl has really cool hair”, to which her mum replied, “You don’t want to look like that, she looks like a lesbian. Only girls who are lesbians have short hair, boys don’t ever fancy girls with short hair”.

Thanks for making all of these comments loud enough that I could hear you.  It took all the willpower I had in me to not correct you.  I am not an argumentative person and I am not someone who would ever speak out of turn, or make a scene, however, your comments are completely unnecessary.

Short hair... Don't care! Click To Tweet

To the lady on the train, for the record, and not that it is any of your business, but I am not a lesbian.  I have short hair because I want to have short hair, and I like how it looks.  Oh, and I have been in relationships, so clearly guys do like girls with short hair.  Yes, not every girl has super short hair like me, but I don’t care.  If anything I like looking a little bit different.

I have always had short hair, various forms of short hair.  From a bob, to a super short pixie cut, I change it up as often as I want to.  I have a long fringe at times, then like recently, I cut the long fringe off.  I also have it undercut.  It doesn’t make me a boy and it also doesn’t make me a lesbian.

Last time I checked my hair hasn’t impacted on my education, my career, my relationships, my family or friends etc.  I have a law degree, I run a blog, I speak at universities and to rooms full of law students, I speak at conferences and events all over the world, I have worked in law firms whilst studying to become a barrister, oh and my family and friends don’t seem to be bothered by my short hair.

Also, and this might shock you, but there are lesbians with long hair.  So assuming someone’s sexuality based on their hair cut is properly a bad idea.

For the record, whilst some guys might not like girls with short hair, some do.  My short hair doesn’t make me any less of a girl.  It should go without saying that different people like their partners (whatever sexuality) for various reasons, everyone has their own type.

One final thing, lady on the train – whilst we are on the subject of me having short hair, I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of it.  Yes I have written this post, but not because your comments upset or hurt me, but because we live in the 21st century and assumptions like the one you made are completely unwarranted and unnecessary.  So as the title suggests, Short hair… Don’t care!

Plus, and whilst I would never ever tell anyone how to raise their children, you are potentially raising children that think it okay to judge someone and assume someone’s sexuality based on their hair style.  You might also deter your own child when she is an adult from having short hair for fear of “looking like a lesbian”.  So please stop.

As a grown up with short hair, I have never really experienced the “oh, she’s definitely a lesbian’ thing, thankfully! Yes I did a lot at school, but that was over 10 years ago, and whilst it was not nice or warranted then, I just got on with it.  However, I am now 26 and I don’t need you telling other people on a train what you believe my sexuality to be, straight or gay.  It isn’t any of your business, and quite frankly it never will be.

Rebecca x



YouTube Videos Round Up

YouTube Videos Round Up

Why have I written a YouTube videos round up post?

Well… I am really enjoying filming some new content and videos for my YouTube channel and if you read my blog you will know I recently uploaded a post and video titled ‘Where have I been?’.  This blog and video discussed my plans for my YouTube channel going forward and what content I will be sharing.  The content will be for law students and lawyers, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime I thought I would do a quick round up of some of the videos I have uploaded so far.  Every link will open in a new tab, so you can watch the video with ease and then come back to this post.

What is Lawyer In The Making?

When I first gave me blog a design overhaul (quite a few years ago), I decided I wanted a short video explaining what you could expect from my blog.  I still love and use this video (even if it looks a little old now) plus I was determined to make sure the butterfly made it in to the video.

My Q&A Video

I pulled together a few of the frequently asked questions I receive on a regular basis, and answered them in a YouTube video.  This video is what sparked further videos being created, seeing as you liked this one so much, and gave me such lovely feedback.   I cover frequently asked questions about my career, my blog and why I blog!

My new promo video

This is my new promo video, it contains me answering a couple of the frequently asked questions that I covered in my Q&A video.  It is great to use at events or just to share with people if they want a quick overview of what this blog is about!

Does LinkedIn Still Work?

I believe it still has a massive role to play in terms of online engagement for lawyers and law students.   See my thoughts here.

25 Random Facts About Me

This video helps you get to know me (the girl behind the blog) a little bit better.  I always try and keep my content personal but professional.  I keep my private life private, but always try and be approachable and friendly in the content I share, as well as honest.  This video gives you a little insight into the things I love, my upbringing, the sorts of holidays I love and what I get up to in my spare time.  As well as my love for Costa Hot Chocolate and crime/law related box-sets.

Stressing About Advocacy?

Public speaking does not always come naturally to us.  Getting up and speaking in front of your class, or even in an advocacy task can be daunting.  Here are 4 basic tips to help calm those nerves and make you feel more confident.

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Get in the Lawyer Mindset | Attend Legal Events

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms (or read my blog regularly) then you will know I am a massive advocate of law students attending legal events.  Whether that is a seminar on a legal topic of interest, a public lecture, a conference – it is really important you try as law students attend some.  Watch more on this here.

How do you follow up with people after an event?

In this video I share some of my top tips for following up with people you have met at events.  Whether they told you to email them, or send across a CV etc.  here are my tips for ensuring you do it well!

Law Students | How to use Twitter like a pro

If you have been following me for a while, then you will know that Twitter is my go to platform for all things law.  It is the one I recommend law students and lawyers use, whether for research, news or engagement.  I pulled together some of my top tips for law students, on how to use twitter like a pro – check it out here.  Oh and I guess I can shamelessly plug my own twitter here, so give me a follow!

5 Top Tips For Using Twitter (Law Firms)

This video contains 5 very simple tips to help you use twitter better.  The content isn’t just applicable to law firms though, they are useful for tips for lawyers and law students.

5 Further Tips For Using Twitter 

In the interests of you, I didn’t want to make a stupidly long video (no one has time to watch that right?) so here are 5 further twitter tips!

My 2017 Law School Mission

You will see from my tweets that I find it really frustrating when law schools aren’t utilising social media or their websites properly.  It is great way to engage better with their current students, other law schools and potential students.  Check out my 2017 law School mission here.

Are you having problems at University?

Studying law can at times be challenging and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.  Equally if you are having problems at university or at home and these things are impacting on your studies then you need to speak to someone.  Speaking to someone at your university can help get the problem resolved a lot quicker, even if it is just some additional support, a deadline extension or an acknowledgement that the fact the heating is never on will be looked into! Watch this video here.

I hope you enjoying checking out my YouTube Videos Round Up, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel whilst you are on one of my videos. Alternatively click here and then subscribe.  It just means you never miss an new video.

Should I create another YouTube Videos Round Up post in six months time?

Rebecca x