5 Reasons To Go To The IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017

IBA Annual bar Conference 2017

The IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017 is taking place in Sydney on the 8-13 October!

So with that in mind here are 5 reasons why I think students should attend.  These are in no particular order:

Be a law geek

I am a massive law geek, and attending the conference was actually a bit of a challenge! I always find that when you go to events like this, seminars you like the sound of, are always on at the same time!  So I had to pick the ones I really wanted to go to.  In an ideal world, they would record all of the seminars so you could catch the ones you didn’t get to attend!


Oh my, the stuff you can learn at these events is ridiculous! From legal updates, legal news, new legislation, international law, marketing and more.  Plus there are loads of companies there with new products, books, resources (and tons of freebies!).

My favourite seminar that I went to was on Virtual and Augmented Reality, and not only was it an interesting topic, the panel was amazing! There were legal representatives from all the big players in AR/VR. Rachel from Google even brought lots of google cardboards with her, so I was fortunate enough to get 3 (and give 2 to my little sisters).  The discussions on the subject were amazing, hearing about what is coming for the future, how they have to change legislation.  Warnings that are needed off the back of the Pokemon situation (people jumping off buses, night time, trespassing) etc.  It was fascinating!

Networking (day time)

Now you all know how much I hate the word networking, and in this post I have used it twice (sorry!).

There are so many opportunities to meet people during the day at the IBA Annual Conference.  From walking around the exhibition areas, to attending talks and seminars.  I found everyone to be very welcoming an social and even managed to make friends with some British lawyers in the lobby of the hotel on the first day.

Networking (night time)

I will be perfectly honest when I say that I did not expect to go to many of the parties and drinks receptions, despite hearing how amazing some of them were.  I ended up going out every night to more than one party, and had a great time! Some of the drinks receptions are in amazing venues, with stunning views.  Lawyers like to have a lot of fun, so they are well worth attending!  Plus you never know who you might meet! I was fortunate enough to spend an entire party with one of my favourite chambers in London, 7 Bedford Row.

Enhancing Skills 

Attending events like these is a great way to enhance or develop your skill set. If you aren’t so confident you can feel a little out of your comfort zone.  However, you need to make the most of these types of events, so fake it, ’til you make it, confidence wise.  Speak to people if they speak to you, or go and sit in a row with someone else already there.  They are bound to say hi! Go and chat to people in the exhibition! Get on twitter and see who is tweeting with the #IBASydney hashtag and start chatting to people and engaging with them. Make the most of the opportunities whilst you are there.

For more information on the conference click here.  Don’t forget early bid prices close on Friday 21st July 2017.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I know that for most people (and in particular law students) it is very impractical to suggest going all of the way to Sydney for the IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017! However, if you live in Australia and can get there then I do highly recommend it.

If you are in Australia (or not) then your universities might be able to sponsor your ticket, or perhaps law firms that you have worked with, even Bar Council’s and Law Societies (around the world) assist their students in attending events such as these. So definitely ask and see if it is possible!

Plus the IBA offer some sponsorship themselves, so check that out.  They did have a number of sponsored places for last year, so I am sure they will be running that again for the IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017.

Last year I attended the IBA Annual Bar Conference in Washington DC and did a series of posts on it, you can check one of them out here.  I would love to know if you are attending the IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017 in Sydney!

Rebecca x

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IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017

Annual Bar Conference

It’s time to start thinking about the Annual Bar Conference 2017. As you will have no doubt scene across all my platforms and blogs, last year I attended a lot of the IBA Conferences.  I also attended the IBA Annual Conference in Washington DC in September last year.

What is the Annual Bar Conference?

Every year the IBA (International Bar Association) run lots of conferences on different topics.  Once a year they run their huge annual conference, where 1000s of lawyers from around the world gather to discuss everything law related, and have some fun!

With over 200 sessions, an exhibition and more drinks receptions and parties than you can imagine.  It really is a great event. I found it a struggle working out what sessions I wanted to attend.  Not because there were a lack of interesting ones, but the ones I liked the sound of most were always on at similar times.

If you’d like to check out some of my thoughts on other IBA events I have attended, then read about my trip to The Hague last year.

When and where is the Conference taking place?

This year the Annual Bar Conference is taking place between the 8th and13th October, at the International Conference Centre.

The ICC is in Sydney , and you can check out the Sydney promo video here.  The IBA website page for the conference is also jam packed full of information surrounding the conference itself, but also visiting Sydney.  From hotels, to transport, to famous landmarks.  That’s not forgetting that the IBA and some of the committees do arrange some excursions during the conference.

So are you going to be attending? Let me know!

Rebecca x

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Annual Bar Conference – International Bar Association

I am still shocked that I am off to Washington DC in September to check out this amazing conference!  I have heard such good things from everyone I have spoken to about the previous annual conferences which they have run, and I believe this will be exactly the same!

The conference programme looks amazing and with over 200 talks I know I will be learning a lot, and networking (even if I do hate that word!), plus I have heard there are some amazing parties (I mean, networking drinks) to attend!  Check out the preliminary programme PDF here.

Some people have told me that they go to around 4 events each night.. and I have heard some people just attend the conference for the socialising in the evening.

I know I will be blogging and vlogging as much as I can… and I am so excited that my Pinterest is currently filling up with lots of amazing Washington DC related pins.  Check it out here.

If you fancy joining me in Washington DC in September why not head on over to here and register and book yourself a ticket!

Rebecca x

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