25 Days Of Crime/Thriller/Psychological Suspense Writers

You all know that I love all things crime/psychological suspense related, so criminal dramas, documentaries, podcasts and books.  So when I decided to start interviewing some crime authors, I was rather excited.

There are however, hundreds and hundreds of authors I could feature and would love to feature, so it has been really hard picking just a handful to feature this time.  You have absolutely no idea how excited I am for this mini-series and because of how many authors there are that I would love to feature on my blog, I am already planning on extending into next year.  Maybe not everyday, but a couple a month!

In the run up to Christmas I thought I would interview some of the crime writers both here in the UK and abroad.  Some are long-standing authors, others are just about to be published – I wanted to understand more about why they write crime novels.

I also wanted to chat about their writing routines (as some of them still work full time jobs), their previous experiences (some have a background in the police or psychology), their love of crime, how much they research, where they get their inspiration from as well as being nosey and asking they who their favourite authors are.

I will also be sharing links to their books, which would make great Christmas presents or stocking fillers, even a secret santa present.  Books really do make great presents, not only do they give people the chance to relax, but they are a great way of escaping the day to day challenges and stresses we all face!

I can’t wait for you to check out this series, and hope you enjoy delving into the minds of some amazing authors in the run up to Christmas!

Rebecca x

p.s. For ease I am going to be using the hashtag #25daysofcrime on Twitter as #25daysofcrimethrillersandpsychologicalsuspenseauthors is just a little bit too long!

Bookmas Day 2 : The Rule of Law

It is Day 2 of Bookmas 2016 and I am sharing a book (which despite already having a copy) comes up on my Amazon all the time.

if you haven’t checked out what Bookmas is, click here!

Tom Bingham | The Rule of Law

This book was quoted by the Independent as “A gem of a book … Inspiring and timely. Everyone should read it”.

I completely agree, and you can purchase this book on Amazon here for £6.99 which is such a bargain!


Tom Bingham | The Rule Of Law

Tom Bingham | The Rule Of Law

This book was published back in 2011 but I still think it its a great read.  It really helps you understand about the ‘rule of law’, how things work, why we do certain things and much more.  If you like history and politics this is a must read also.

I know lots of people have ended up losing their afternoon or evening, and just read it in one go.

Add it to your Christmas list, have it as a stocking filler or even just purchase it before (or after) Christmas, you won’t regret it.

Rebecca x

Bookmas Day 1 : Learning The Law

I am kicking Bookmas 2016 off with a classic, and if you haven’t checked out what Bookmas is, click here!

Glanville Williams – Learning The Law

This is one of the first books I was recommended to read, and I actually picked up a copy from Wildy Bookstores opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Glanville Williams | Learning The Law

Glanville Williams | Learning The Law

This book is an essential read for law students. You can pick up a copy on Amazon here and it is currently retailing at around £14.  The photo is clickable as well and will take you straight to the Amazon page.

The editions have moved on quite considerably since I got my copy back in 2006 and I am still recommending it 10 years on.

It really is a go to book, and I also know some students who have been asked if they have read this book.

If I haven’t already convinced you to purchase Learning The Law, here are a few other reasons:

  • Learning The Law is quite a small book, so easy enough to fit in your bag and read on your commute, on the bus, before bed etc.
  • It covers pretty much everything, from learning how to read statutes all the way through to being in the court room.
  • Academics, Law Students and Lawyers recommended Learning The Law all over the world as a must-read.
  • Any book that is in its 16th Edition is worth a read.  The book is constantly being updated to make it as useful to law students as possible.

Add it to your Christmas list, have it as a stocking filler or even just purchase it before (or after) Christmas, you won’t regret it.

Rebecca x


Bookmas 2016

What is Bookmas?

Bookmas is my own take on Blogmas and Vlogmas.



Blogmas is where people blog everyday in December (or until Christmas) and Vlogmas is exactly the same but vlogging.

As I already do #janlawblogpost (where I blog everyday in January) I didn’t want to so the same in December.   I wanted to do something slightly different, hence Bookmas!

What does Bookmas do?

Everyday in the run up to Christmas I am going to be sharing some of my recommend reading books for Law Students.  Some of them are well known, others are ones you might not have heard about before.

Every day I will be uploading a new blog post, and would love your support (whether that is retweets, shares etc.)

Not everyone is going to like every single book (and that is absolutely fine).  I have a mini-law-library that is constantly exapanding here at home, and there are so many I could share, but I have just picked 24!

I really hope you like Bookmas 2016, and if it is a success I will be sharing again next year!

Have a brilliant December!

Rebecca x

*Some of the links to the books, will be affiliate links to Amazon.  That means that you don’t pay the normal price for the book, and I will get a tiny proportion of that cost (you are not charged extra in anyway!).