Bring on 2018!

2017 has flown by.  You will have seen from my round up post that despite travelling far less this year it has gone by in the blink of an eye.  So there isn’t much else I can say than, bring on 2018!

Snippets of 2017

Just before Christmas I received an email saying that I had been accepted onto a summer course at Stanford Law School. I felt like all of my Christmas’ came at once that evening when I saw my email.  In my giddiness I may have checked the email multiple times just to ensure I read it correctly. Also, I totally woke my mum up by ringing her to let her know. I just couldn’t believe it.

2017 also saw me become a published author for the first time, well, in terms of a book.  I still can’t believe that my ebook is out there in the public domain and that people are actually purchasing it and enjoying it.  I have loved some of the lovely testimonials I have received from you, it means the world to know that you like what I have written but more importantly that it is helping you!

Thank you 

As always, you have blown me away with how generous you are with your love and support.  In a world where so many harsh comments are left daily on the internet, I am so grateful to not fall foul to any of them. *touch wood*.  I know my blog, my style of writing and content isn’t necessarily for everyone.  That being said, I am so grateful to all of my followers.

You are a brilliant bunch. I am so grateful for the retweets, shares, likes and comments on blog posts and on social media.  I love reading your emails and messages.  Whether you are thanking me for a post, seeking clarity on a point, have a question, or just want to swing by for a chat or to discuss law. You make this the best job in the world.

The Lawyer In The Making audience remains varied.  Every day law students, academics and lawyers from all over the world read my posts.  I love that my audience is so varied!

My tiny little blog and space on the internet feels like home.  I am so glad that you feel like that with it as well!

Bring on 2018

So here is to 2018… the future law students, the current law students, the law graduates, the post graduates, the trainees and pupils, the newly qualified, the lawyers and the academics!  I cannot wait to see what you achieve this year!

So here is to 2018... the future law students, the current law students, the law graduates, the… Click To Tweet

So here is to 2018… the legal developments, legal charities, legal events, legal tech advancements, landmark cases, law reform etc.

So here is to 2018… I can’t wait to get stuck in and write more content.  Excited to encourage law firms and law schools to be more active online in terms of content and social media.  I can’t wait to get my geek on, read even more, study more and just immerse myself in all things law. Legal events, conferences, seminars and webinars – excited is an understatement. All of this will be done with the odd hot chocolate and a trip to Stanford Law School thrown in for good measure.

2018 - the year that law firms and law schools become more active online in terms of content… Click To Tweet

I also can’t wait to continue pursuing my legal interests and those areas of law I am passionate about. Equally, I will continue with my love of all things crime.  Documentaries, days out, events, books and podcasts – this is a hobby of mine (if you can call it that).

Have a brilliant year whatever you are doing – bring on 2018!

Rebecca x