Competition Time | Law Mind Maps


Have you heard of Law Mind Maps? If not, you will definitely know about them by the end of this post.

Most importantly though, let’s chat about this competition! If you want to skip straight to the entry form, click here. (COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED)

Competition Time | Law Mind Maps

Competition Time | Law Mind Maps

What is the competition?

Law Mind Maps are going to select seven people and they will receive one of the 7 core subject mind maps.  You could be receiving one of the following subjects: Criminal Law, Contract Law, Constitutional & Administrative Law (a.k.a. Public Law), Equity and Trusts, European Union, Land Law & Tort.

Here are a few screen shots of what you can expect to receive:

Law Mind Maps | Certainties of Trust

Law Mind Maps | Certainties of Trust

Law Mind Maps | Indictments

Law Mind Maps | Indictments

These are perfect for LLB and GDL students and the competition closes on Monday 10th April at 8am with products being posted by the 12th April.  If you enter the competition you could have them in time for your May/June exams, or even some pre-reading before you start courses next September. (Just remember to update any info that may have changed, in terms of cases, legislation, syllabus changes).

Who are Law Mind Maps?

Law Mind Maps produce Mind Maps which cover the 7 core subjects on the LLB/GDL.  Students can also pick up Mind Maps for the core subjects on the LPC and the BPTC.  The company is based in London and provide Mind Maps to students all over England and Wales.

They believe that Mind Maps aren’t just for revising and exams but perfect to help you study throughout your course.  I know from Instagram that lots of you create your own mind maps, so these would be a great addition to your learning!

Where can you find out more information about Law Mind Maps, well their website is a great place to start, plus they are on Twitter and Facebook!

How can you enter this competition?

You can enter by clicking on this form here and the competition will close on Monday 10th April at 8am. Remember that you get to select which Mind Map you choose, so you could choose to enter for each subject (to increase your chances!).  (COMPETITION NOW CLOSED)

Do remember that by entering  this competition you consent to receiving emails from Lawyer In The Making and Law Mind Maps until you choose to unsubscribe from each of these respectively.  Lawyer In The Making sends out one weekly newsletter which contains links to recent blog posts and any exciting news and you can read more about them here.

Good luck and I will be announcing all of the winners on my blog after the competition closes.

Rebecca x

Full terms and conditions are available here Law Mind Maps Competition Terms And Conditions.

Get to know me!

Whilst I share a lot of information about what I am up to in my legal career and studies online, my personal/private life I do tend to keep private, I like it that way.  However, one of the things I want my blog to be is personal but professional.  with that in mind I thought you should get

So here is an opportunity to get to know me a little better!

  1. My name is Rebecca.  No one really shortens it, I think I always wanted it to be Rebecca at school, as I knew I wanted to do it law.  Well I say no one really shortens it, that’s true, apart from my little sisters.  Being the oldest, when they both came along they struggled to say Rebecca, so they tend to call me Bec.
  2. I have grown up in London.  I feel so lucky to have grown up in a city that I want to work in.  I love London, and it is every aspiring lawyers dream, so I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.  I do also love the fact that I am surrounded by amazing cities, plus the countryside and seaside.
  3.  I am ridiculously shy.  No one ever believes me, but I am.  I have always been shy and I am lucky that I know a few ways to hide the nerves when speaking at events or out and about.
  4.  I love holidays.  Ideally the kind where you just lounge around in the sun for days, but I’m not adverse to a city break either.
  5. Costa Hot Chocolate with marshmallows is the one.  If you follow me on my social media platforms you will know it is my go to drink.
  6. My closest friends are all guys. I don’t know why, it just happened that way.  There are a handful of them that I would be lost without.  Obviously, I have some girls that I am friends with as well!
  7. I have a 12 year age gap between my youngest sister and I. I was in Year 7 when she born, and I remember the day as if it was yesterday.  Now she is taller than me, far more head strong than I ever was at her age and it is a constant reminder of how much the world has changed since I was her age.
  8. When I was born there were 5 generations.  I love looking at a picture we have of my Great-Great Grandad, my Great-Granny, my Grandad, my Mum and then me as a tiny baby!
  9. I am actually brown belt in karate.  When I was younger I would go along to classes twice a week, and I would hate the thought of going, but love it once I was there (I am sure my parents hated me for this).  I gave it up when I started secondary school.
  10. My family have a house in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere, with hills and beaches nearby.  It is perfect, and the perfect escape from London.

So there you have it, 10 things you may or may not have known about me.

Rebecca x

IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017

Annual Bar Conference

It’s time to start thinking about the Annual Bar Conference 2017. As you will have no doubt scene across all my platforms and blogs, last year I attended a lot of the IBA Conferences.  I also attended the IBA Annual Conference in Washington DC in September last year.

What is the Annual Bar Conference?

Every year the IBA (International Bar Association) run lots of conferences on different topics.  Once a year they run their huge annual conference, where 1000s of lawyers from around the world gather to discuss everything law related, and have some fun!

With over 200 sessions, an exhibition and more drinks receptions and parties than you can imagine.  It really is a great event. I found it a struggle working out what sessions I wanted to attend.  Not because there were a lack of interesting ones, but the ones I liked the sound of most were always on at similar times.

If you’d like to check out some of my thoughts on other IBA events I have attended, then read about my trip to The Hague last year.

When and where is the Conference taking place?

This year the Annual Bar Conference is taking place between the 8th and13th October, at the International Conference Centre.

The ICC is in Sydney , and you can check out the Sydney promo video here.  The IBA website page for the conference is also jam packed full of information surrounding the conference itself, but also visiting Sydney.  From hotels, to transport, to famous landmarks.  That’s not forgetting that the IBA and some of the committees do arrange some excursions during the conference.

So are you going to be attending? Let me know!

Rebecca x

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FREE May Revision Schedule
FREE May Revision Schedule

So I created my own revision schedules, and a lot of you commented on the monthly and week by week plans on my Instagram page.  Here is a link to download my Free May Revision Schedule PDF.


As I have mentioned above, a lot of you commented on my Instagram post and Snapchat saying that you thought my revision schedules were really good, and you wished you had them, so I have made them a downloadable PDF for you!

FREE May Revision Schedule PDF

FREE May Revision Schedule PDF

Enter your email address below for your free PDF, once you have entered your email, a link will appear.  Download the free schedule, print it out and fill it in!

Happy revising! Please share the link to this blog post with your friends!

Why not download the Free weekly revision planner (broken down into subjects and sub-topics) here.

Rebecca x