It’s Christmas Day!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is here again. Is it just me, or has this year flown by?

I know that you will all be very busy right now with family and friends enjoying Christmas Day. So this post is a quick one just to wish you a wonderful Christmas break.

Lawyer In The Making | Christmas Card

Lawyer In The Making | Christmas Card

wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

So Lawyer In The Making has its first ever company Christmas Card and some went in the post last week.  I had the pleasure of playing Santa and hand delivering them to a few people in London.  I dropped a card into to a few clients, law firms, barristers, chambers and organisations.  Sadly I couldn’t send one to everyone I know, but I wish I could.

A special Christmas email went out this morning, so subscribers to my weekly newsletter have a Christmassy email in their inbox!

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Have a brilliant Christmas!

Rebecca x


Lawyer In The Making | 12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of christmas

Earlier this month I attempted to be slightly creative and write my own 12 Days Of Christmas.  I have seen a few other people upload far more generalised law ones but this one is slightly more tailored to me, Lawyer In The Making and my 2016.

12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of (lawyer in the making) Christmas

12 Legal Conferences

11 Law Schools Visited Abroad

10 YouTube Videos

9 Courts Visited Around The World

8 Weekends Studying The BPTC

7 Abroad Business Trips

6 Years Of Blogging

5 Mini-Pupillages/Work Experience Placements Undertaken

4 BPTC Exams

3 Business Card Re-orders

2 Sets Of Flyers Created (Blog and Ebook)

1 Year Of Running Lawyer In The Making Full Time

I hope you enjoyed a very brief overview of my year!

Rebecca x

Gary Slapper | Obituary

The Times Higher Education supplement today printed an obituary for Gary Slapper.

You will very quickly see, upon reading, that Gary Slapper had a remarkable career. A clear passion for law (and politics), as well as the ability to write and teach. His knowledge was vast, but his kind-heartedness and passion for helping others was even more so. He was always prepared to go the extra mile and help people, whether through twitter or email (or his books).

If you have not read my previous post you can do so here, I put together my own, mini-tribute to Gary.

Some other legal publications reported his death last week and you can read some of their fitting tributes here.

Law Society Gazette

The Open University 

The Times (you do need to subscribe to read the full article)


I want to close with the article headline from The Times, Gary Slapper: the man who brought law to life.

Rebecca x

Thomson Reuters | Library Skills

Library Skills – essential for law students for studying, coursework and future legal careers!

Thomson Reuters | Library Skills

Thomson Reuters | Library Skills


So you may remember that earlier this year I mentioned that I was writing a series of blog posts for Thomson Reuters, if not have a quick read of the blog post here.

LIBRARY skills

I really enjoyed writing this blog post for Thomson Reuters, as using a law library (whether online or the physical books) is such an important skill for law students.

The librarians are able to help you get to grips with finding journal articles online, or important information from the physical Law Reports or textbooks.

Some of the questions I cover include:

  • Where to start if you haven’t used your law library yet
  • Who you can get help from
  • Some online training to help improve your skills!

Check the blog post out here. Please do hit the share button and share with your friends!

Rebecca x

A mini tribute to Gary Slapper

On Tuesday morning I woke up to a twitter feed full of tweets remembering Gary Slapper.  It came as quite a shock to read the tweet from The Times (below).


Gary Slapper

Gary was someone who was on twitter all of the time. Whether sharing his thoughts on legal news stories, useful tips for law students, and just funny and light hearted legal and political tweets.  His personality always shone through.

If I wasn’t seeing tweets online by Gary, I was reading his articles in The Times. (If you don’t already read The Times, I would highly recommend subscribing – the law section is brilliant, and it is worth subscribing just to read some of Gary’s articles).

a lover of law

He was a lover of law, the intricacies and curiosities, and people, hence his ability to write great content and appeal to a mass audience (from a variety of legal and non-legal backgrounds).

His tweets were retweeted multiple times and he always shared a mixture of content; the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly from the legal profession! He was a man that knew how to write, but most importantly how to teach and explain, his books are testament to that.

He had such a remarkable career, and despite being extremely busy, he always took the time to talk to people,. Whether over twitter, in person or at the other end of an email.

I had many an email conversation or twitter chat with Gary, talking about our passion for law, writing about law and how much he loved helping aspiring students.

Gary’s articles for The Times were always brilliant.   The weird cases highly amusing, his thoughts on politics and law thought provoking, and his books equally brilliant. His books are ones that I regularly recommend to students and will continue to do so.

2016 has seen some remarkable people leave this world, and as a result Gary Slapper will be one of them. He really will be sorely missed amongst the profession!

Rebecca x