UK Blog Awards 2017 | Nominated

I can’t believe it again, Lawyer In The Making has been nominated for two awards at the UK Blog Awards 2017.

Lawyer In The Making has been nominated in the Education and also the Lifestyle category.   Back in 2015 Lawyer In The Making made it in to the Top Ten in 2015 for Education and also Young Person Recognition.  Your on-going support for my blog always blows me away.

You can read all about my previous UK Blog Awards experiences here and here. There are a lot of UK Blog Awards 2015 posts on my blog, so you can always search for those!

UK Blog Awards 2017

UK Blog Awards 2017

uk blog awards 2017

The Public Vote opens on Monday 5th December at 10am and closes on Monday 19th December at 8am.  I of course, would love your vote, and I will share voting links when they go up in a week or so.

Luckily the company behind the voting has gone back to the same format as it was in 2015, where an individual can only vote once. Last year, they wanted people to vote everyday and I was not prepared to spam you that much!

As always though, I never expect votes. The fact you read my blog, watch my videos, email me, tweet me,  and message via Instagram is more than enough.

I have loved 2016 and have been able to meet so many of you.  That is more important to me than any vote.

If you do want to stay up to date on the processes for the UK Blog Awards 2017 then check out the list of dates below.

Important Dates

# Entries and Nominations: 3rd October – 22nd November 2016 at 10pm
# Public Vote: 5th December – 19th December 2016
# Finalists Announced: 2nd January 2017
# Expert Judging Period: 1st February 2017
# Awards Evening and Winners Announced: Friday 21st April 2017

Rebecca x

Lawyer In The Making | YouTube Channel

For quite a while I was asked by law students and lawyers if I was going to properly start using my YouTube Channel.  So last year I started to use it a little bit more, and even more so this year!

YouTube is taking over right now, and you can’t travel through London without seeing the ‘Made For You’ adverts.

I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you all that I do have a YouTube Channel and I have so many videos to upload, and also a brand new series of short videos specifically for law student which I have been filming with a company.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Some of the videos I have had professionally filmed, such as the Q&A video and LITM promo video which I filmed in Manchester last year.

Lawyer In The Making YouTube Channel

I will continue to uploading some I have filmed myself, when I have the time to edit them.  In the meantime though I will be uploading videos each month that I have been filming with a company.  I create all of the content, they just film and edit them for me.

For a quick look at some of my new videos check out these two: Basic Advocacy Tips and also Why Law Students Should Attend Legal Events.

Please hit the subscribe button on my YouTube Channel so that you never miss a video, and don’t forget to share the link with friends, fellow law students and lawyers!

Rebecca x

Struggling with Advocacy?

Are you struggling with advocacy? Maybe you’ve just started mooting or mock trials and need a little bit of help?

I thought I would share 4 very basic public speaking tips with you on my YouTube Channel. Check it out here. I was very fortunate to undertake a lot of advocacy sessions during my LLB and have continued to do so whilst on the BPTC.  However, sometimes getting up and speaking whether to one person or a room full of people can be daunting.  It can be daunting if you don’t feel comfortable speaking out loud, or if you are unsure of what you are saying.

The tips in this basic advocacy video should help you feel more comfortable standing up and speaking in general!


Advocacy is a skill that is essential for any law student and aspiring lawyer.  However, sometimes it can be a little daunting especially when you are just starting out.  Not only do you have to speak in public, but you are learning new skills, such as how to speak in a Moot or make a bail application etc.

I strongly advise that all law students (no matter what you want to do for a career) get involved in advocacy at their university, whether that is mooting, mock trials etc. You can read why I think mooting (and advocacy in general!) is a rite of passage for all law students here.

Are you struggling with advocacy?

Are you struggling with advocacy?

If you enjoyed this video please do hit the subscribe button on YouTube, I have a lot more videos like this coming for both law students and lawyers.  I would also appreciate if you would share the link with any friends, fellow law students, lawyers who you think might be interested in the video!

Advocacy really is an essential skill for aspiring lawyers (and confidence is speaking and public speaking is a skill that is necessary for any career), so I hope that these 4 basic tips help law students combat some of the nerves they may be experiencing!

I love advocacy, and still do, but it isn’t always easy, and sometimes you just need to remember to breath.

Rebecca x